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Part 37: Prague, part 2

Prague, part 2

Now that we're done with the side-trip, it's back to Prague to see if Margarete has shown back up yet.

Guard Duvan: Welcome home! I'm glad to see you're back safe!

Homas's lottery is available again now that the excitement is over.

If Margarete is back, she'll most likely be in the bar.

Flirtatious Yuria: Well, I'm glad she found you. You shouldn't worry your girlfriend like that.

"Girlfriend"?! Alice, what've you been telling these people?


Peddler Rosa: Oh, Zhuzhen's quite handsome, don't you think?

Ten bucks says that the other "handsome man" she was talking about was Keith. While I'm here, I upgrade Yuri's armor and pick up some more healing items.

Owner Gismont: I have a message for you from Margarete.

A message?

Owner Gismont: Uh-huh. I thought she would just wait here until you two got back, but she rushed off in a big hurry. She said she wanted you to meet her in Rouen, north of Paris.

Rouen...Rouen... Why does that sound so familiar?

What's the matter? Why the sudden outburst?

Rouen is the place where my father fought Bacon and died.

I prefer to think of it as the place where Bacon redecorated an alley.

Is that right? But why did Margarete do that?

It's been quite a while since she went off on her own in an attempt to track down Bacon. Maybe this means she's finally got some leads!

I see... So, he's been hard at work even after I got swallowed up by that beast in Shanghai...

I'm sure Bacon is somewhere in Europe. Either England...or Rouen. Margarete is looking for him, but to no avail.

Considering how he taunted us to come after him... he must have some trick even more sinister than Dehuai's up his sleeve. We've got to find him! We haven't heard a peep out of him for six whole months now.

Flirtatious Yuria: Let's party!

Wh-whoa! You're drunk!

Flirtatious Yuria: Me? Drunk? No way.

And with that, she stumbles into the bathroom. No, she's not drunk at all.

Hmm... Roger Bacon, hunh...

Do I understand correctly that another member of your party is waiting for you in France?


Hey, friend...hic!... Where's this France place, anyway? Is it far?

Oh, Lord...

From here, it's, let's see...well... um...

C'mon, pops! You either know or ya don't!

O-of course I do! What do you think I did on the long boat trip from China?! I studied up real good, that's what I did! So anyway, let's see...

C'mon, pops! You're a regular country bumpkin!

Aw, shut up! Takes one to know one!!

I think it'll take less than a month to get there. I'm sure we can catch a carriage somewhere along the way.

Alice does the prudent thing and ignores them.

Oh yeah? So, whadd're we waitin' for?

You're right. What do you say, Alice?


In that case, we'd better get a solid meal in our bellies before we set out.

Say... Whatever happened to Yuria?

She hasn't come out of the bathroom for ages. She's probably out cold! You saw how drunk she was.

I'll go take a look.

Owner Gismont: Sorry, Alice. I don't know why, but Yuria's been going on these strange drinking binges lately.

Heheh... I can go with ya!


Funny. I would have expected the ladies' room to be a bit nicer.

Yeah, Alice, just go right into the stall. Don't wait for an answer or anything.

Oh. I guess she wasn't in there.

Not in there, either. What did she do, flush herself down the toilet!?

Oh, yeah, nothing wrong here. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary...

Still nothing.

What's going on...?


This kind of shit is why I don't like looking in mirrors at night.


Th-That's not me!

Okay, now this is just getting ridiculous.

Y-You're the one who killed Terry!

What a beautiful young woman you are. Makes me feel good just assuming your form. If your body were to become mine... Hee hee hee...

With that - disturbing - comment, we get in our first fight with the witch. She attacks almost exclusively with magic, using Rock Storm and Icy Breath in this fight. She's much less powerful in this fight than she will be in later ones; it's mostly just a warm-up really. Having Alice use Gospel at the start makes it a walk in the park.

After a few rounds, the witch floats away.

I'll be more careful next time! You were under my spell the moment you entered the bathroom.

Still kicked YOUR wrinkled old ass.

After it's over, Yuri comes bursting in. Our hero.


Hmph, you're back from the spirit's graveyard, eh? I'm sure you'll male Lord Bacon proud.

I am Arcane Olga! Remember my name! I'll be seeing you again. Hee hee...

Peachy. Another constant thorn in my side with a disappearing act.

But you have to give the guy credit for how he set his trap without anyone knowing. On top of that, we now know she's connected to Bacon somehow...

Heheh! The plot thickens once again. Now I'm really lookin' forward to France!


Yuri really is an insensitive idiot, isn't he?

This is the point where I start lying to my friends about what they did that night.

Right before we leave town, I have Yuri grab this from the men's room.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: insane French priests!

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