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Part 41: Mini-Update 9

Mini-Update 9


I knew there was a reason I haven't been using Zhuzhen.

As far as I've been able to find, there aren't any guns named 'Zeruel'. In fact, the only thing I've found out is that one of the angels in the show Evangelion was named that. If anyone recognizes what pistol the picture was modeled after, I'd be grateful.

We never used it even once. It'll be useful later, though.

The boys got new undies.

Which eastern capital?

This is useful against certain bosses.

This is useful period.

This greatly increases several of your stats. Since the SP loss is doubled, it's really only useful on Keith.

Physical Attack is raised by 20% and Physical Defense is lowered by 20%.


This prevents Cross-attacks (the party is surrounded and looses initiative) and Back-attacks (the monsters attack from behind, making your back row your front row, and the party looses initiative).

This restores 30% HP and 3 SP when you use it on someone who is Unconscious.

I still want to know who the "funny old man" was.

Only one more guild card to go!


.... Ewwww...

What's really gross is the way her abdomen pulses when you fight her.

The first of the new evils in the graveyard. Pretty much the same as the old ones, except they're German, for some reason.



Fat lot of good he did us before dying like a chicken.

Ah hah hah ha!

Creepy mother fucker.