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Part 43: Calios Mental Hospital, part 2

Calios Mental Hospital, part 2

When we left, Halley had just kicked open a grate and crawled into the dungeon. Yuri and Keith are too big to follow him.

Mom?! It's me!


Don't you recognize me...? You're kidding, right...? Mom? Please... Say something.


That bastard Bacon has driven her catatonic.


Yuri! My mom... She's...

Your mom? What's happened to her?!


Keep cool, everyone. The key to this door should be around here somewhere!

Everyone? Is Keith including all the monsters sealed inside Yuri with that speech?


That key we got from Rausan will let us into the cell that was locked earlier, even if we can't get into the dungeon yet.

And that's where we find the right key!

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important message.

You're okay now. I'm here with you...

I wanted to come sooner, but nothing worked out. Yuri and his friends helped me out this time. They're weird, but nice. They're trustworthy. So don't worry...

Hm? Something wrong?

Now, that was a dirty trick!

Wh-Who are you?!

Heh heh heh... I'm afraid your sappy little reunion will have to come to an end. It would appear that even an emotionless witch cannot forget the child she carried in her womb. Even after such torture, her human emotion has begun to awaken just a small bit.

Uh... Uh...

Bwah hah hah hah! How utterly delightful! You who sacrificed both body and mind to protect your magic powers, you actually wish to speak?!

You! Don't you dare touch my mom!

Ugh... Yuri...

Yuri is busy, um, napping. (Yep, you can sleep on the bed in this room to recover health and magic.)

There's something else in this chest...

You've received Fire Gravestone.

Time for a trip to the Graveyard.

You've received Soul of Forron!

I also got enough souls here to get the Earth fusion.

You've received Soul of Lobo!

I don't currently have the third skills for either of these fusions. I like to use the Malice battles in the Graveyard to go Berserk in since Yuri's by himself and therefore won't hurt the other party members. You can unlock the skills in regular battles; this is just a personal preference of mine.

Time to rescue Halley's mom! And Halley, too, I suppose.

So we finally have all members present, do we? I see that Rausan proved to be no match for you people.

You're okay now. I'm here with you...

Now, then, Yuri. You are wondering why in the world I am here, are you not?

Not rea-

Very well, heh heh heh... I shall explain.


To fulfill my dreams, I've been doing research into a deeply secret and arcane form of magic. When that is done, I'll be able to cleanse the world of its filth and help usher in a new age.

What the hell is the difference between that and Dehuai's plot?! You're just another nutty magician!

Your problem is that you think far too concretely. You must approach reality in a more flexible way. Heh heh. Do not lump my dreams together with the child's play Dehuai is engaged in. Now then...

Tell me. What does this woman look like to you?

Are you nuts? It's Halley's mom, for crying out loud!!

Well, yes, that is one correct answer. But her true value does not lie in such a mundane dimension. She is necessary to my goal of bringing forth a new Eden. She is the beacon to an approaching god. If Alice is the Key of Light, embodying positive magic, then she is the Key of Darkness.

This is way too complicated! So what you're saying is, she's the key to unlocking your magic, right?

In a word, yes.

That's four words.

You could have said that right from the beginning, dummy!

I don't think Bacon likes being called names.

At least he's stopped going on and on about his "Grand Plans".

Well, I suppose play time is over.


She's trying to get to Halley.


She can bear the pain in her own body, but she cannot bear the suffering of her beloved son! A fatal weakness!

Uh... Uh...


And so the friends you guided here with your telepathy have failed you! Bwah hah hah hah hah!!

I am amazed that you still have the strength to stand, monster!

Oh yeah? Then you'll really be impressed when I smash you to pieces.

I hope Yuri never changes.

How amusing. I shall accept your challenge.

Before we can kick Bacon's ass, things get weird(er).

That's an interesting choice of words...

Ahhh! So you have finally opened your eyes?! You are ready to obey me?!

Yuri, thank you for coming. It means a lot to me. Now is not the time for you to die...


I'll go with this man. You go and meet an old man in Wales...

And, please...take good care of my Halley.

All right, then. In exchange for the lives of this rabble, you are now mine! Olga! I'll leave you to clean up here!

Ha ha ha! I'm here to take your life on behalf of Master Bacon!

I'll never forgive you for what you've done!

We now face Olga for the third (and final) time. She hasn't changed any from the previous times, except for having more health. She still favors magic attacks that hit the entire party, like Black Fog, Lightning, and Icy Breath. Her physical attacks are pathetic.

Her physical defense isn't that good, either, so I transform Yuri into Forron and use Battle Cry to up the entire party's attack.

Then I punch her until she explodes.

Do you ever get the feeling that Bacon is using us to get rid of his henchmen once he decides that they are of no more use to him?

Poor Halley.

Back in London...

Yuri doesn't say anything, he just starts to walk away and then stops for some reason.

His mother's death was a big shock to him...

But... Koudelka isn't dead...

Next time on Shadow Hearts: the truth

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