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Part 46: Nemeton Monastery, part 2

Nemeton Monastery, part 2

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Above is a rough map of the cave system. It's not to scale, but it's close enough.

Going through the Door of Judgment leads us to an extensive cave system. There are several monsters wandering around down here: Sin, Straithe, Inverse, and Guinea Pig.

Following the path a short ways to the left, we come to a slightly open area with a couple tablets embedded in the wall.

These tell you how to solve a puzzle. Some of the treasure chests down here are sealed with different colored light, one of which is white. There are switches you can push to make a flame in different colors appear on an altar, and when the color matches one of the seals, it disappears and you can open the chest.

Continuing to the left, there's a chest with a new weapon for Margarete tucked in the corner.

Following the path down, it forks and we take the path to the right.

Now we just keep following the linear path to the right.

We soon come to a dead end overlooking a different part of the cave. There's an open chest here; let's close it.

Closing the chest made one of the chests in the lower level open. Hmm...

We go all the way back to the entrance and this time we go to the right.

In the next section, the path forks yet again. We go down the steps to the right.

The third chest repels the first and second. If you open all three, the white mist barrier will open.

We're now in the room we we're overlooking before. The tablet embedded in the wall tells how to solve the puzzle.

We already closed the 2nd chest, and now we open the 1st.

Which makes the 2nd open again. Now all the chests are open.

The light and the chests disappear, revealing the blue switch.

Touching the switch makes a blue flame appear over an altar in a part of the caves we haven't been to yet.

Going back to the last fork we were at and going up shows a dead end and three chests. One is open now, but the third is sealed. We'll have to find the other two switches to open it. This first chest has a new weapon for Yuri.

The other chest has a Mind's Eye. When you equip this accessory, your attack power increases greatly, but your Ring turns invisible.

We go back to the entrance, go left, and go down to the fork. This time, we take the path to the left.

This leads to another fork.

The short upper path leads to a red switch and a chest sealed with purple light.

Clicking the red switch turns the flame purple.

Now we can open the chest and get a new weapon for Alice.

We go back and continue down the path to the left.

The cave opens up to a larger chamber. There's a short path immediately to the right and another one leading down.

We go down the lower path for now.

This leads us past the altar we saw earlier.

The path splits again near a chest sealed with yellow light. We go up the stairs to the left.

This leads us to the green switch. Pressing it turns the flame white.

Now we have to go all the way back to where the chest sealed with white light was. We get Zhuzhen's second best armor here.

Then, it's back to the blue switch to turn it off.

This turns the light yellow.

So it's back to where the yellow chest was to open it.

There's one last bit of back-tracking to do to explore the red-lit chamber we passed earlier.

When Yuri gets close to it, something bright automatically floats down to him.

Let the power of destruction be released as all seals are broken.

That's nice and ominous, but it doesn't really help explain what just happened.

Going back to the chest that was sealed with the yellow light, we follow the path to the right.

This brings us to another door identical to the entrance and a save point.

I took advantage of the save point to unlock the final fusion for Water.


You've received soul of Egil!

I also unlocked Dragon Cry.

There's a chest on either side of the door. This one has Halley's second best armor.

If the set-up didn't scream "major boss fight" before, this question ought to cinch it.

Cue Indiana Jones music.

It's enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight.

The spirits in this place are very different from any other place...

They don't feel any happiness or pain. They're just...nothingness that floats around.

Maybe all those graves aren't for humans.

That Voice: I have been expecting you...

Bacon! Albert old buddy! Where're ya hidin' these days?

Voice of Albert: I'm right above you. Please, come on up.

You just sit tight!! We'll be there before you know it!!


Hah! So this is all part of your plan, too, eh? So you're not planning on running this time, then?

This is the big finale for me, you see. Which means you'll finally be able to achieve closure as well.

Albert. What are you planning? Is it the same as the Demon's Gate Invocation?

Yeah, we kinda already figured that out on our own. Jackass.

The first is the Pulse Tract. With it one can command the earth veins in order to wake an ancient god. Dehuai went far with this. He woke the Seraphic Radiance, but somehow it remained sealed within that boy.

Next is the Émigré Document. It creates life from nothing and can be used to summon a god of death. But both Patrick and Jack failed... They only succeeded in making a soulless puppet...

And finally, the Codex of Lurie! It tells how to summon the "Other God", which I am now attempting! An omnipotent god from the far reaches of space shall descend upon earth to cleanse us!!

Hey now, you quack magician! I can't let you do that! You can't hurt others just so you can play this game of misplaced vengeance!

Yuri, you still haven't figured it out? That in order to begin anew... We must first wipe the slate clean.

Shuddup!! Who do you think you are, some god?! Don't flatter yourself!! You're no different than me--an ordinary, pathetic human! You've got plenty of excuses, but I think you're just after revenge for what happened in the past!! My father worked hard to protect this world! I'm not letting a deluded scheme take it all away!

Fool!! What value is there in a rotten world such as this?! Do you really believe that your power alone is enough to right all the injustices of the world!? I can see...Not perfectly, but I can see the future in store for this world...

A few foolish elite will soon bring about a tragedy which will inflict great misery upon us all!! None will escape, and earth will overflow with the screaming of the dead who know not yet their fate. An iron behemoth shall rise and in a flash, countless lives will be snuffed out. A hopeless future!! We musn't bring this future upon the world!! But this terrible vision is drawing nearer as we speak!! So...before that hell is upon us, we must begin again. And that is precisely what I intend to do!

So, he's going to kill everyone to save everyone from dying? Oookay...

Heehee! The sages of every age were called that! Let history decide whether my actions were good or bad. For now we must simply forge ahead!

The legacy of the ancient gods! Neameeto!


What?! But why? The power flow has stopped! The "float" cannot be raised!! Koudelka! Is it you!?


Stop now. You can't defeat me with your power. You're going to disappear into the darkness with me, to a world of nothingness...

N-no, it cannot be...Are you saying that you intend to kill us both!?

You wouldn't understand. I'd give my life to save that child's future without a second thought.

And she'll do it right in front of him, too. Emotional scarring, what's that?


Now... cannot!!

What the hell?


N-No...! The Soul Contract...?

He sold his soul to a demon. Is this honestly surprising at all at this point?

Exactly...with Amon, Master of Destruction! I wanted to save this power for last, but I have no choice...

Ho ho ho...Yuri. Come for me!! You think you are the only one with fusion powers!!

A gentleman as always. You first face Albert as a human (just like the fight with Yuri in the tower). I fuse Yuri into Forron and use Battle Cry to raise the entire party's attack power. Yuri and Halley are on attack, and I use Alice's new spell, Arc, to heal the entire party when health gets low. In his human form, Albert isn't much of a threat except for one spell: Holy Chest. It hits everyone, and will drain SP unless you equip everyone with Will Powers to prevent it. He also still uses Revelation. I use the Key to Success to help knock Albert's health down enough to trigger the next stage.

Amon is much more powerful than Albert with a couple devastating spells: Atomic Dust and Demon Rays. He also doesn't have any elemental weaknesses. I use Alice's healing here a lot, and the effect from the Key really helps: on the final round that it was active, Yuri did a total of 1,339 points of damage.

Eventually, even the mighty must fall.

If you pick up the Destruction Stone before you fight Albert, Yuri gets Amon as a Fusion.

Yes you can. You'll lose like a bitch and like it.

Huff,'s over... It's all over now...

You are overconfident. It is I who will end it! Haven't you noticed? All of the power generated by our battle has been transferred to the "float"!!


Ha ha ha! Soon the "float" will appear!! You cannot stop it now!! I have won!! I have won!!

God damn it.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: what the hell is a "float"!?

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