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Part 47: The Float

The Float

Somewhere in the ocean, a heart-like object begins beating more and more rapidly.

Pulling back, we can see it's part of something larger that begins rising from the ocean floor as cables snap.

As it nears the surface, a beam of light shoots out.

And it, quite literally, pierces the heavens.

A seal expands from the light.

That can't be good.

Albert teleports out from Nemeton and drops to the ground.

Albert: Ah hah hah! Watch! My ultimate dream, now I shall achieve it!

Albert: Behold! Worms who convicted me in Nuremberg 400 years ago, behold the fruit of your folly! This light! This storm!

Albert: Now is the end of the WORLD!!

Albert: Oh, glorious throne of the Lord on high, Neameeto!

Albert: This is indeed the signpost to a new tomorrow, the medium by which God will bestow a new future when the world is spoiled by human corruption!

Albert: Oh, God, at last the time has come! From the distant reaches of the universe and time, descend now upon this Earth!

Albert: Hahah. Thousands upon thousands before me have tried but failed...

Albert: But I am the one who will finally achieve it!!

As Albert brings an entirely new definition to crazy, the building continues to rise into the sky, snapping cables as it goes.

Apparently, the whole gang tagged along to Wales, and they're just now running out from the underground dungeon. So, this whole time Albert's been screaming to - no one.

Yuri: What- What is it!?

The main cable begins to rip out of the ground as the thing rises still higher.

Albert: Ah hah hah hah hah! The float has risen! There's nothing you can do to stop it now!

Albert: Hahah hah hah hah hah hah!!

Yuri: Son of a-

This really can't be good...

Why, yes, I did choose the most disturbing expressions of Albert I could.

Albert: Seven days from now, God shall descend to Earth. You can...wave your fists all you want; it will change absolutely NOTHING!!

The final cable breaks. I'm getting flash-backs to my high-school Biology class. Yech.

Albert: The blackness of the abyss awaits... The pulse of the stars, the life-force of all living things, all will be stopped! Soon, death will rain down upon the Earth, like manna!

Albert: Hah hah hah! Ah hah hah hah hah!!

Next time on Shadow Hearts: the end of the world?

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