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Part 48: End-Game Preparations, part 1

End-Game Preparations, part 1

Once all the brouhaha is over, we see Yuri entering Roger's house.

She's resting in London Rats hideout. She's in better shape than I thought.

I'm glad to hear that, but...

Well... Our trouble is just starting, I'm afraid.

Hey Rog! What is that big, castle-lookin' thing anyway?

It's one of the legacies left behind by beings who visited this planet long ago. It's Neam.

Oh, yeah, that explains everything as clearly as mud. Thanks.

When you say "one of the legacies" do you mean there are others out there somewhere?

Oh, definitely. About a hundred of them, I'd guess.

That many!?

All that remains is ruins, but there was a person in the past who tried to revive them several times. It's just like the renowned Tower of Babel. It's not something that can be easily controlled by humans.

That Albert guy, he said the gods would fly from the depths of the sky, but what is that Neam machine?

It was he who said that Neam means "float" in the ancient tongue of Ebi. Do you know what a float is? It's the thing that bobs when a fish bites when you are fishing. Once the float goes up, God will home in on it from the M72 nebula, some 4,800,000 light-years away.

M72, or Messier 72, is actually a globular cluster within the Milky Way, not outside it as the cut-scene implied, and is only 53,000 (or 62,000, depending on who you ask) light-years away from Earth. In keeping with Lovecraft's mythos on the Other Gods, they probably meant for God to be coming from the center of the universe. But I do love that they were so specific about God's location.

You mean God lives that far away? That doesn't sound right somehow.

Calling it God is something humans dreamed up themselves. More precisely, it's an "alien organism."

So God is an alien, eh. I always thought he sits on this leaf, with his hands like this...

That's Buddha! Listen...

If you saw a human with the eyes of an ant, they would seem overwhelmingly huge, right? You wouldn't want to fight them, would you?

Roger has a lot to learn about Yuri.

Ants may not understand it, but humans could almost be their god figure for them.

So are you saying that to this organism from space, we're the same...just like ants?

That's correct.

So I'm an ant, huh...

Why are you depressed?

Something too overwhelmingly powerful for humans to deal with is coming to this planet. I suppose if that happens, Earth and everything on it, will be wiped out.

What's wrong?

Well, that's what we gotta fight, right?

What!? You really intend to fight!!

He really has a lot to learn about Yuri.

Isn't there any way to stop it!? Is Albert really going to bring about the destruction of the world!?

There is a way!

We've got to destroy the float inside Neam before God homes in on it!

Can it really be done!? But it's floating in space!!

Hee hee hee! And that's when the Instantaneous Matter Transporter will come into play!

Go and start that generator for me!

Get on top of it and run!

Because you were the one dumb enough to get on the treadmill in the first place.


At this point, you have to do a Spin Ring 3.

Good! Now we're moving!

Huh, He's gone...!?

Oh no, we blew up the crazy old man.

Thankfully, Roger walks through the door a moment later, apparently unharmed, apart from the smoke rising from his clothes.

Did you see that? You saw what my teleporter is capable of, right? You can go anywhere using my teleporter!

Yeah, it's pretty amazin', but didn't you almost get killed there?

Pretty great, huh? If you set the target to Neam's specific coordinates, it flies right in!

There must be another way.

There is none!!

Well, okay then.

He he... Sounds like fun! If we're gonna die either way, might as well go out with a bang! So let's try it out! Who knows, it might all work out!

You really don't trust me, huh? I can't believe it! You speak that way about my greatest invention...

No, I didn't mean anything!

Yeah, that's right, Rog! We love your machine, so take us to the stars!! NEAM!! Here we come!!

Just please don't cry, I don't think my stomach could take it.

Trust me! I'll make sure to get you there safely! I promise, promise, PROMISE! Since we've made our decision, I'll get ready. Please get ready for departure too, everyone!

Gee, I wonder where we're supposed to go next...

Back at the London Rats hideout...

Their catch-phrase really needs work.

I know, but I'm okay. After three years, we're finally together.

I'm so sorry, Mom. I wanted to go see you sooner.

It's okay, Halley. It must've been very difficult for you. You've done a great thing here.

Heh heh... It's all thanks to the little ones. I've gotta protect them!


How you've grown, Halley...


What is it?

I'm going to fight until the end with Yuri. Will you be okay with that?

As long as you promise to come back to me. Like your father did...

You're beginning to look a lot like him.


Yes. Your father always kept his promises. Thanks to your father, I'm here with you now.

I promise, I'll be back! Let's go to America together! We'll take a boat with Chris, Sharon and Joshua and meet Dad!


That's what we'll do. Right, Mom?

OK. All right. I promise.

Sorry about that. Is it a bad time?

No, it's okay.

I was only talking with my son, after a forced three-year separation. Come on in. Make yourselves at home.

Yuri, I don't know how to thank you. Thank you so much for coming to see me.

C-c'mon. Yer embarrassin' me. As for me, I can't believe that damn voice, er, I mean that "mysterious voice" was actually a beauty like you.

That's it, Yuri. Flirt with the MILF while your girlfriend is standing right behind you. Idiot.

Also, I wanna thank you for savin' Alice at Kuihai Tower. But how come it was only me who's head hurt when they heard your voice? Was I being punished?

That's because all the monsters fused inside you become terrified. Like bats fear the sunlight...

I see...

There's nothing to worry about. You're protected by a greater spirit. A spirit so strong that even Albert fears... Look deep inside yourself. You'll know who that soul belongs to.

I know, Koudelka.


You've grown strong. You've carried on your father's spirit and traveled a difficult road bravely.'s just because of all the help I got from everyone.

I can see the burden you carry for the sake of your loved one. You're scared, right? Just don't ever give up hope. You have Yuri now. The curse may be strong, but he will protect you. All right?

Yes, that's right.

I can't do anything anymore, but I'll wait here for your safe return. Roger will help you with the rest. Now, go...

Now that Yuri's been totally embarrassed, we pick up Halley's old slingshot from Joshua downstairs.

You've received the Improved Slingshot.

It's so easy to use! Thanks, Joshua.

Hehe! Guess we got that kinda gift!

While I'm in London, I pop off to the Orphanage. The old mansion is now crawling with children and the monsters are gone. I'm not sure it's an improvement.

Precocious Nikki: As I look closer, you're also nice looking. I'm exhausted from playing with a kid.

Shy Sophie: I-It's hard for me to talk to people for the first time...

Aw, it's the girl from the bar. She's discovered something better to do than rot her liver.

Eh, what's the worst that could happen when a bunch of kids in a creepy house in a horror setting decide to "play" with you?

This starts a timer. The other four kids in the house hide, and you have 60 seconds to find them and come back. The hiding places are somewhat random, but you can keep playing the game as many times as you need to finish it.

That's all of them! Now, less than 20 seconds to make it back to Jean!

Made it with eight seconds to spare.

Insolent Jean: Hey, you're really good for a grownup. All right then. I'll let you through, mister.

Jean moves aside, and now you can go up the stairs leading to the Cauldron.

And we find one last child.

That can't be healthy. The kid's probably going to grow an extra set of arms or something.

...Are you mad?

Pot-lover Macken: You're mad calling me mad.

Little brat...

Pot-lover Macken: Now, now. Don't get so exasperated over a mere child. Here, you can have this.

You've received Émigré Manuscript...

Pot-lover Macken: I found it in this lab. It's gross, so you can have it.

Now, talk to the kid in the pot again.

Pot-lover Macken: ...Don't much like coming out of my cauldron, but for a lottery...

Two more left.

Another Crucifix! Incidentally, this is supposed to be an Invisible Ring, but having a Pocket Watch on Yuri fixes it. This trick doesn't work in SH2.

Lottery Member No. 03: Here you go, a Prize.

You've received Crucifix.

Lottery Member No. 03: To meet the chairman, you have to play the lottery with all the other members. The secret's out. Too late?

Time to say goodbye. I'll just put what they say here, instead of adding six more screenshots. I think you can all remember where everyone was standing 2 minutes ago.

Kindhearted Moll: Please come again, okay? The kids also had a great time!

Insolent Jean: Come play with us again, okay, mister? We'll give you a real workout.

Unreliable Wayne: Hmm, I wonder if Nikky has someone she likes? I mean, maybe she even likes ME! ...I wish!

Precocious Nikki: Please come back, handsome young man. Till then, I'll be patient with Wayne.

Shy Sophie: Um, P-Please come and play again.

Liar Ronny: Don't ever come back! I-I won't miss you at all!


Now, I make sure Alice and Zhuzhen are in the party and go back to Nemeton. From there, we go up to the ruins. *NOTE: After you defeat Albert and the float is raised, it is very important that you DO NOT go into Roger's house. Going in now would lock in the bad ending.

When you get here, Zhuzhen starts poking around Father O'Flaherty's grave.

What's up Master?

I'm just checking this grave out. It's been bothering me since before. Don't worry. I'm not up to any tricks. You guys just go kill some time somewhere.

As usual, your curiosity is way out of control, pops. Well, anyway...c'mon, let's go over there.

We've come a long way, huh... you regret it? I mean, coming this far.

Regret? Haha! What're you talking about! No way!

You know, until I met you, I was leading the life of a loser. I'm confident about what I'm doing now. I know that I'm needed. My power of fusion, which I thought was so terrible...Is what allows me to protect you. Sometimes, I even think such stupid things like, boy, is this happiness? Ha ha ha! I sound stupid!

...... Nah... Too easy.


I don't know how this battle is going to turn out, but...

The day you die, I'll die too.

What...are you saying?

The night of that storm...I was just a kid, and I couldn't protect my mother from the monsters. But somehow I survived, thanks to my power. Ever since then, I cursed my own existence constantly. I asked myself... Why do I have to be all alone? What could I have done differently that night..? Why didn't I die...

That time?

Yeah. That night was the beginning...of everything...

I'll say. Unusual for this time of year.

Yes. Then all 3 of us can be together again.

It's not too long now, mom. Even if you miss him you gotta be strong!


Oh yeah! Know what? There's something I wanna have!! It's...a little brother or sister!!

My! Right away?!

Lihua told me! When mommy and daddy are together, they can make babies! They have 7 brothers and sisters over there! That's what I want!!


Well...I'll talk with dad about it.

This incredibly cute conversation is interrupted when Anne turns around and notices something outside.

Wh..Who're they?!

There's loud, insistent knocking at the door.

I got it!


Too late.

What's going on?! You all look so weird?!

Maki's Uncle: Hehehe. Here's some fine food.

Lihua's Dad: Gah hah hah heh heh... The Earth Sage sent us here to eat the two of you!

Dehuai is a dick.

M-mom! I'm scared! What happened to them!?

Maki's Uncle: Hehhee! This is so fun! But no matter how much I eat, I never get full.

Everyone in the village is dead, aren't they?

S-stay baaaack!




Yuri: My mother gave her life protecting me from the monsters!

Yuri: But when I looked into her eyes a moment before she died... It awakened in me the blood of my father that had been lying dormant. A fire ignited in me, and my emotions exploded like a hurricane!

Yuri: I don't really remember anything after that.

Yuri: Next thing I knew...the room was littered with the torn up body parts of the monsters that had killed my mother! I was the only one left alive in a house covered with blood. I clung to my mother's cold corpse all night long, weeping, and begging her to forgive me for failing to keep my promise to my father...for failing to protect her.

Yuri: I could never stand to feel that way again. So the day that I fail to protect you... Is the day that I, too, will die!

I'm sad now.

He he, stop looking at me that way! It's nothin'! I just kinda, like you, that's all.

What, are we back in sixth grade again?


I, I lov...

Hey, look at this! Look what I've found!


!? I interrupting something here...?

No, not at all! Right!

Huh? What?!! So...what is it? What d'you find?

Oh, right. It's this! Look!

What is it?

An ancient book called "Book of Rituals." I found it in a hidden compartment on that grave. It's got all kinds of interesting stuff in it about old traditions! According to what it says here...

Not again! We'll take care of that later! Stupid! We were having a special moment! I'm about to...

What did I do? Are you mad at me?

I think Zhuzhen knows perfectly well what he did.

What makes you think I'm mad!

The yelling is a bit of a clue.

Master, I'm going after him!

Sheesh! Just when I was going to tell them about this amazing secret...

You've received Book of Rituals.

Well, that was fun.

After that, I ran back to where we fought Albert and Amon and picked up something Albert dropped. This, by the way, is re-named the Book of Ry'leh in Covenant as another Lovecraft reference. While I was going through the caves, Zhuzhen learned a new spell, Fury Serpent.

Examining the Émigré Document in your inventory opens up the Cave Temple.

And examining the Book of Rituals opens up the Ancient Ruins. There's one more extra dungeon to unlock, but we'll get to that next time.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: more procrastination.

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