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Part 49: End-Game Preparations, part 2

End-Game Preparations, part 2

And now, I'm off to Rouen to see Meiyuan. Although he follows us everywhere, this event will only trigger in Rouen.

Oh, it's Yuri! And all the rest of you! This is perfect. I was just on my way to find you.

You were? What did I do to deserve that?

Relax! I just wanted to deliver a letter I have for you. Meanie!

A letter?

Does Yuri even know how to read?

Here. It's from Qiuhua in Shanghai!

From Qiuhua? Let's see...

Well, I guess he can read Chinese, at least.

Letter from Qiuhua: Life is tough, but my father and I are both doing well. How are you doing? Sergeant Kato visited our house today. He wants to know where you are. He realized that we didn't know, so we made small talk, and then he left. It was a tragic story, one I didn't want to write. But I feel I must let everyone know...


You puzzle me. Ignoring your order to return to Tokyo, so you can remain in this type of place...

N, no...I am interested in the forbidden magic that the adept, Dehuai, freed...

Bull. He's "interested" in Kawashima's ass.

I've been doing some research...

Research? All you do is hang around me all the time, running errands.


N-No, I just...uh...

Hm... You're protecting me, right? I appreciate it.



Now that Shanghai is under our control... I'm just a loud, whimsical hound dog to the higher-ups. A replacement dog will be sent...

Commander...what are you talking about! You're still a hero of the Japanese people!



I wonder what Yuri and the others are doing now...

Yes. They have been missing ever since the Shanghai Earthquake. I haven't heard anything more since.

I'm sure they're traveling far, holding firmly to their convictions. No one to answer to... Just following their instincts...

Somewhere deep inside, I envy them.

Lieutenant Colonel!

Wh-Why are you shouting all of a sudden, Sergeant?

Even you could do it, Lt. Colonel! Anyone can do it! As long as they truly desire it! There are no rules in life! Only the ones you make for yourself! I want to live a life of no regrets! It may be difficult, but only you can change the way you lead your life!

Hey, he actually grew a spine.


It's so cute that he salutes when he says this.

I, Masaru Kato, will not leave anything to regret!



Well, there goes the "no regrets" plan.

Yes... I think you're right.

Before things can get really interesting, we're interrupted by two soldiers coming into the office.

Private Matsuura: Lt. Colonel Kawashima! We've received an urgent wire from Tokyo! Please come to HQ immediately!

A wire from Tokyo? Is it from my father? Okay. Let's go.


It's okay. I'll be right back. Then we can continue this conversation.

Well, let's go.

Suddenly, Kato hears gunshots and rushes out the door.

Lieutenant Colonel!



Lieutenant Colonel! appears my father has deserted me...

We'll get you help right away! Hang on!

If only Kato had some Thera Extract.

I guess I...had it coming... The last gear...fitting...

Lieutenant Colonel! Hang in there!


Letter from Qiuhua: Sergeant Kato will take Lt. Colonel Kawashima's ashes back to Japan tomorrow. Yuri, there are many rebel factions in Shanghai fighting against the Japanese army. I hope nothing happens. I also hope that you'll come back to Shanghai soon.

Letter from Qiuhua: From Qiuhua. p. s. I've enclosed a scarf I knitted for you. Please pass it along to Zhuzhen.

You've received CoatOfTheAdept.

We got a sad story and Zhuzhen's best armor.

Kawashima is dead...?

Life is so ironic. Now, don't you guys turn out like that, you hear!! ...'Cause that'd really make me cry!

For the next part, I put Keith and Margarete in the party and head for the church. (I'm not sure that you need Keith, it might work with anyone in the third slot, but you definitely need Margarete.)

People like me don't normally go in for prayer, but perhaps I'll give it a try.

Go in there, like that other time. I know all about it. Right, Father Yuri!

Yuri should probably run now.

It seems someone is in the neighboring confessional...



Margarete: Father, would you listen to me for just a few minutes?

Margarete: The world today seems to be heading toward disaster. No. No, I'm not talking about Albert. The countries know as "the Powers" are pouring massive sums of money into building up their militaries.

Margarete: Like...children vying for the biggest collection of toys. Heh. You know, at first, I thought I would just USE Yuri and the others. I thought I could use their remarkable powers to benefit our nation. Yes, just like the Japanese Army was trying to do.

Margarete: But the more I watched that reckless Yuri in action, the more ashamed I started to feel. I mean, Yuri really isn't thinking about anything. He's not thinking of a national interest or politics or money or of anything he has to gain or lose. ...He just sees that girl. And he sees all the forces lined up against her. So, he protects her. Nothing more. Just like some comic-book hero, ya know? I'm a bit jealous. I mean, the really important things in life aren't about profit and gain, right?

Margarete: I think...maybe I'll start searching for those things, too. The truth is, I'd really like to search for them together with him, but... Oh, forget I said that. Thanks for listening to all my silly talk.

It makes me so excited...

Yuri, that's not the right response.

All better now! Here, this is for you.

A tiny box was slid into the small window.

You've received Pearl Ring.

This is a nice accessory. It cuts all Water-based damage in half.

Bye bye now!

That's all? It's over? I don't get a kiss or nothin'?

But is something the matter? Your face is all red.

It's n-nothing!

Ahha ha ha...

Poor Keith. I don't think he's ever going to understand humans.

So...that's it? Let's go already!!

Yuri runs out the door.

Keith follows him, and Margarete is the only one left in the church.

Ha! Oh well!

Once you're done in the church, Big-nose Man has changed. (You still need Margarete in your party for this.)

Fake-nose Man: ...Can I touch it? O-of course! He..hehehehe.

Lottery Member No. 02: Tee hee hee! Like, you got a Lottery Ticket...?

He's also a new lottery member! One more after this!

The Ring moves really fast and the reds are really small, but it's Margarete's ultimate weapon.

You've received 10 Gauge.

Lottery Member No. 02: Sometimes, I, like, forget who I am and stuff. Tee hee hee!

Fake-nose Man: Glad to see you're doing so well Margarete...

He's...your father...? He has a fake nose on...

Cute, isn't he? Thinks he's in disguise wearing that thing.

...Thanks, Dad.

After that, I take Keith out of the party and then go to the throne room in Blue Castle.

And we meet the last lottery member! That means we'll get to find out who the Chairman is later!

I play twice and get another Key to Success and the Thief Earrings.

You've received Thief Earrings.

Vice Chairman(Lottery Member No. 01): It was more than 200 years ago that I became a member. The chairman was already an old man.

We get a little clue to finding the chairman.

I put Keith back in the party and visit Nina in Bistritz.

The other day when I was collecting nuts in the woods, a golden light burst from the castle! The light stayed around for a little while, then went back to the castle. What could it have been?

A golden light...? I wonder if it could be...?

Keith won't say what he thinks it is, the big meanie, but we find out soon enough when we check out his crypt.

Golden Bat: It's been a long time, brother...

So my hunch was right. It didn't seem possible, but that voice is unmistakably my brother's.

Hey, buddy! Aren't those bats?!

Golden Bat: You bet. I'm a bat. Something wrong with that?! Hunh?

?? He's a vampire, right? That's just a bat. It's even shiny.

Golden Bat: That's right, buddy!! My color's a bright, shiny gold!! Trying to make something of how I look, bud? Hunh? Hunh?

Is that really your brother? He looks more like MY brother...

Golden Bat: Shut yer trap!

Golden Bat: It was too noisy outside to sleep, so I decided to get up and fly around the village!!

My brother... Becoming a bat is fine, but what if you can't get back to your former shape?

Golden Bat: Shut u-u-up!! You got a problem with bright, shiny gold?! You make fun of bright, shiny gold, and I'll make you wish you hadn't! Got that? Hunh?!

Um, I hate to tell you, but isn't that shiny deal kind of out of style?

Golden Bat: Arrrrrrrgh!! Shut up, shut up, shut u-u-up!!

Golden Bat: Keith!!

Yes, brother?

Golden Bat: Don't "Yes, brother" me!! I was waiting here today so I could give you a special present! Here! Take it!!

A sword has appeared in Keith's hand.

You've received the Demon Sword, Tryving.

It''s the legendary Magic/Demon Sword our family has owned through the generations!

Golden Bat: You got it! When our forebears sensed that the world might be destroyed, they came to me! Bestow this upon the one who will become our warrior, they said!

I don't know what to say! It is an unimaginable honor! I humbly accept...

Golden Bat: No-o-o-t so fast! The sword isn't yours for the taking! You've got to earn it, by showing me you can handle it! Your test will be a duel with me! If you win, you will be master of the Demon Sword. If you lose, you will die a true death! En garde!!

And thus begins a long tradition of the members of the Valentine family beating the crap out of each other.

In this fight, Keith can only use Physical attacks, and he has five chances to defeat the Golden Bat. After each round, he taunts you, no matter how much damage you're doing.

Golden Bat: Too slow, too slow!

Golden Bat: Not a chance! You'll never even come close at this rate!

Golden Bat: Bwah hah hah! Are you blinded by my shiny golden coat?!

Golden Bat: Whatsa matter?! Is the Demon Sword too much for even our best swordsman to handle?

He falls in the last round before Keith has even finished all three of his attacks.

Keith goes up a level and learns a new skill, Apsaras, which lets him call fairies to attack his enemies with pretty lights. It also heals any status effects on the party at the same time.

Golden Bat: My brother, Keith. You must live to see the future! To see the future with your trusted friends!

Ohhh, boy...

Keith: Ahh, it feels so wonderful! I feel so truly alive at this moment! I've never felt such a rapturous feeling of bliss!

Keith: To live! To peer into tomorrow's tomorrow! That is my deepest desire!

Keith: You, my friends...

Keith: ...have liberated me from the prison of endless tedium!

Keith: And no matter what may await me in the days and months ahead, I shall never regret it! With this sword in my hand, I shall travel with you all to the very end, to be witness to the tomorrow that we create with our very own hands!

What is with these brothers? This made a power-up possible? Are you kidding?

?? Huh...He's all roarin' to go.

After the fruitiest scene in the entire game, I put Alice in the party and head to Prague. My goal is the bar, but I've got more than 10,000 steps on the pedometer, so I talk to the Silent Peddler first.

Silent Peddler: ...I'll give you this.

You've received Leather Suit!

And my reward is Margarete's ultimate armor!

There seems to be a new face in the bar.

Owner Gismot: Have you tried talking to that guy there? He's new in town, and he just mumbles to himself all the time. Gives me the creeps.

Flirtatious Yuria: I heard that the man right there ran away from his own home. He said he saw ghosts. Alice, do you think you can help him out?

Runaway Ewan: Wha?! You're an exorcist?! If so, please help!! Just a little ways from here, there's a house cursed by a terrible poltergeist!! Can you suppress the spirit? I'll do anything! I have lots of money!

And now the last optional dungeon is open. Seven days is long enough to clean all of them out, right?

Next time on Shadow Hearts: Cave Temple

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