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Part 50: Mini-Update 10

Mini-Update 10


He wasn't much of a king if some human managed to pull out his incisors.

No one will notice a few extra bloodstains. Unless they're green or something.

This one seems to be a Mauser C96, without the stock, specifically the 9mm variant called "Red 9".

Margarete's ultimate weapon.

Big freaking deal, we've been slaying the undead all game. I do love that Keith's ultimate weapon glows purple; it matches his outfit.

What the hell did Joshua do?!

The highest-level armor for the girls (not counting character-specific armor).

The highest-level armor for the guys (again, not counting character-specific armor).

Zhuzhen's 2nd best armor.

Zhuzhen's ultimate armor. Each character's best armor cuts damage from their strongest element and their weakest element in half.

We ended up with Margarete's ultimate armor before we got her 2nd best. The text in the bottom of the screen when you go to equip it says "For Adults Only!".

Keith's 2nd best armor. Also gross.

Halley's 2nd best armor.

"Arl"? The robber king is named "Arl"?

This brings you back from Unconscious with full HP, MP and SP. Very rare, very expensive.

You know, I think I'm going to go with "evil".

...Wait a minute...

This ties into the good ending. To get the good ending, you have to defeat all four of the Masks when they show up in the "real" world. The Masks show up randomly, and they are very strong. Each one also starts off the fight by inflicting a different Ring Effect on the party (which can't be blocked by any items or cured). Receiving the Oath Grail weakens the Masks. Looking at it in your inventory weakens them further and greatly weakens Grail Mask and stops his Ring Effect. Defeating each Mask in order weakens the next one. You can defeat the Masks out of order. You can even defeat them without getting the Oath Grail and still get the good ending, but it's really hard.


Ew ew ew ew ew!

I still say Albert left her to die because he didn't need her anymore.

At least this one doesn't have a bestiality origin story.

That line down the middle of the neck is actually its mouth. It opens sideways and extends halfway down the torso.

I think this monster was in the game Koudelka, too.


Albert's new description once you find out who he really is.

I think this is the only game where Roger is wearing regular clothes instead of old monk robes.