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Part 55: Tying Up Loose Ends

Tying Up Loose Ends

A few things to take care of before we kill Albert's God. In the basement of the hideout, the pit fight has been up and running for a while, and as for Carl...

Knowledgable Carl: For some reason, I went strange... I can see it, I can see it! The monsters thou hast defeated account for 72% of the total. The treasure thou hast accumulated accounts for 77% of the total.

You can now visit him to find out how close you are to finishing the monster library or finding all the hidden treasure. These totals are from just before I went to the Ancient Ruins.

Knowledgable Carl: ...The world is truly a mysterious place.

Every character you complete five fights in a row with earns an item. If all six characters complete the pit fights, you win a special item. The monsters you face are random. The potential enemies are: Speckled Creeper with Happy Creeper, Dark Judge, 2 Garms, 3 Camazotz, Meat Eater (with 2 Dooms), 5 Buggys, NIght Stalker, Tindalos, Rausan, Mammon, Full Armor Wind Shear, and Perfect Wind Shear. There's a video at the end of the update showcasing one fight for each character.

The prizes given out are:
Yuri - Seventh Key
Alice - Crucifix (what the hell do we need 4 of these things for? )
Zhuzhen - Silver Hand
Margarete - Tissues (ripoff!)
Keith - Belt of Thor
Halley - Metal Jacket (his Ultimate armor! )

This is a commemorative prize.

You've received Crystal Ring!

Crystal Ring cuts non-class damage in half.

For the next part, we need to have all of Yuri's Fusions, have finished Cave Temple and Ancient Ruins, and gotten the Codex of Lurie. Then, we talk to Roger once we're done with Atman.

W-what's this!?

Huh? What's this? Yeah...nice, huh?

How wonderful! This must be the mysterious treasure storehouse I've been searching for! Exchange this with that? What do you think?

...Oh, quit it. This is far more valuable.

P-Please don't say that! This is great, too! I bet you'll make use of it! Right?!

Well, what the hey. I'm tired of it anyway.

Exchanged the Erotic Book with the Pulse Tract...

Oh, yeah, you better have picked up the Erotic Book while you were in Kuihai Tower, because there's no way to go back and get it now! In exchange, we get the Pulse Tract, which is what Dehuai used to summon the Seraphic Radiance. The question is, how did Roger get his hands on it?

Huh? This page can't be opened!

Wasn't me! It was like that when I got it!

Either way...

I love this game.

Let's keep this between the two of us.

The description on the Pulse Tract reads: "The rainbow's treasure is a golden moon, burning sun, old forest, royal garden, ocean's color, drops of blood and from the sky to rebirth". Rainbow, huh? You know what that means?

Back to the Ancient Ruins!

From there, the path through is: YELLOW - RED - GREEN - VIOLET - INDIGO - RED - BLUE.

Once again, we go down the stairs after the pool drains.

With the Stone of Rebirth in hand, we go back to the Graveyard, stopping to laugh at Atman along the way.

We also stop to laugh at the Broken Masks and get a prize for beating up their boss.

Yes! Yes! Don't come back again! You defeated Atman, our protector?! You cheat!!

He he! You guys really got wiped out in there. Feelin' a little sorry now? Oh look, they're all scared and lookin' away. Hey you!

I have nothing to gain from speaking with the likes of you! Leave at once!

That's right! Please don't come back again!

It's your own fault! Puttin' a curse on my woman like that!! Ya get it now?! If so, I wanna hear an apology!!

Tskk..skkk..Curse you!!

Huh? What is that you just said?


I didn't hear you say 'sorry', did I?

The Masks get pissed and flare up at Yuri, but he just cracks his knuckles.


You've received Seven-Eyed Mask from the Four Masks.

We head to the place where Yuri fought Fox Face, but there's nothing here.

Or is there?



This time, it really is Ben and not some figment of Yuri's imagination.

I've been waiting for you.

D-Dad? What are you doing here?!

Hee hee hee...

I've always been here. I've always watched over you. You just never noticed.


I hope for Yuri's sake that he really wasn't the one that stuck the pages in the Erotic Book together.

How are you? You've continued your travels and must have grown much. Feel like fighting me?

Yeah. If you win, the soul of the powerful god, the Seraphic Radiance, will be released from my body.

Seraphic Radiance?! That terrible monster...inside dad?! sealed that monster to protect my soul?

Well, that answers a lot of questions. Now we know who Koudelka was talking about and why Yuri survived until Alice found him.

I already told you. I've been watching over you.

The ancient god who lost once at Shanghai. If you can't conquer him, of course it will mean your life. However...if you can catch hold of this soul, you will gain ultimate power. Power to make gods throughout the universe tremble.

Me...? Fuse with the Seraphic Radiance...?

Yes. Believe in yourself, and come at me with everything you've got! Every battle offers an opportunity of victory. It's up to you to summon the courage to grasp that moment! A fearless heart. Unfaltering confidence which grants calm. That is the Spirit of Bronze. That's the only gift I can offer you!!

The Spirit of Bronze...

All right, Dad. Let's do it!

You start out fighting Ben.

This part of the fight is pretty straightforward. I used physical attacks to save Yuri's MP. About halfway through, I fused with Amon, and I used a Pure Extract before the second phase of the fight started, while I still had time.

Colonel Hyuga: Take the power of the Seraphic Radiance in your hands!

After he loses enough health, Ben fuses into Seraphic Radiance. This part of the fight is HARD. I did this fight at level 55, and I wouldn't recommend trying it any lower. Yuri is going to need enough health to be able to withstand two attacks from her (I've got 733 total HP at this point, to give you an idea of how hard she hits). I cut out a large chunk from the middle of the video because the entire fight is attack-heal-attack-heal repeated ad-nauseum. There's no time to use any items, other than healing items (You should trade any steps you have for a shitload of Thera Extracts from the Silent Peddler). Seraphic Radiance hits hard on her physical attacks, and she also likes to use a spell called Malcto. It will hit Yuri for 300+ damage and heal her of about 100+ HP.

Patience pays off in the end, and Seraphic Radiance is defeated.

Diamond Ring cuts all elemental class damage (but not non-class) in half.

Now we get the real prize, Yuri's Ultimate Fusion! aka the Broken Fusion of Broken Broken-ness.

Good job, son.

Dad!! I...

Did I do the right thing?

Hee hee hee...

Ben: Why do I worry so? I'm blessed with true friends, I have enemies to battle, and my body remains strong enough to face any challenge. Can there be any greater happiness than this? Do not waiver; forge ahead! The blood of the Harmonixer. The power of Fusion.

Ben: You've come this far since awakening, have you not? You're a man, aren't you? You must not halt your steps. When you choose of your own free will to halt your steps, THAT will signify true defeat. Go! Continue to place one foot before the other. For every man, there is a resting place. Grit your teeth, and, no matter what setbacks you may suffer along the way, continue on to that place.

Ben: THAT is victory. Hah hah hah haha! Don't look at me like that. You've grown, son. That little boy who used to hide behind his mother's back when I came home has grown big and strong. Do you remember the guardian you and I made for your mother in the backyard? I only wish I had had more time...

I'll go now. Keep watching over me!

Oh, he will. I'm sure of it.

Okay, that's enough sentimental crap. Let's look at our new overpowered abomination (after I let him go Berserk to unlock the third spell, of course).

He looks like a demonic, naked Ken doll.

Unlike some of the other fusions, there isn't a single skill that Seraphic Radiance has that isn't useful. Besides increasing everyones Physical Attack and Defense and Special Attack and Defense by 30% each, For Everyone also increases the party's Agility by 25 points. For Tomorrow is a re-named Malcto, and For the Children is the very definition of game-breaking.

After leaving the Graveyard, I turn around and go right back. There's now a chest behind the tree holding Yuri's Ultimate armor!

After this, I talk to Roger again. He sends us to Neameeto, but I'll cover that in a future update. I turn around and come right back, because we're not *quite* done here.

Naturally, a machine based on the superior science of the planet Gamilans is impossible to adjust.

Gami-whats? Those'r the things you can't feed after midnight, right?

Aha! Oh, it's you all. And you're just in time to help me with my experiment.

Another test? It's all well and good to help, but don't you think it will get you into trouble, just like before?

Be quiet! This time everything will be fine -- I've perfected the transfer program!

Yuri starts running. I think we need to find a way to move this thing into a dungeon so we can rack up steps faster.

Grrrr! T-this is great!


Spin Ring 10!? Oh well, I've never missed a Ring Test yet, how hard could it be?

This...could take a while. Come back later.

In the meantime, remember how you couldn't play the Lottery with Kato unless you talked to him and then said you didn't need anything?

He learned it from the best.

Oh, sure. THIS I get on the first try. (I'll probably play again before we leave for Neameeto; I think this is the only place you can get the Comet Mask.)

You've received CottonUnderpants.

This is a nice accessory that cuts damage from Physical Attacks in half. Unfortunately, Alice is the only one who can equip them.

Oh, Aaaliiiiice...!

Well, have fun? Started out as a hobby, you know. What should I do next?

Some time later, I manage to hit all 10 Rings, more than likely by accident. Of course, I wasn't recording at the time.

You know, if he hadn't already made himself immortal, he probably would have blown himself up by now.

Good thing he's wearing his smoking jacket.

I went there, I went there, I WENT THERE! To the moon!!

What are you talking about?

I thought I might die from the lack of air, but I was all right because I left so quickly! My, but the Earth was green!

It's tough when you can't die, isn't it?

You don't believe me, do you?! You think I'm lying, don't you?! All right, here's the proof! I brought back a souvenir for you! Go on, take it!

A stone from the moon?! You received a stone emitting a dim light.

Hey, pops, how do I know this is from the moon? You were probably just keeping it in yer attic this whole time.

...Well, if you don't want it, I'll just put it back upst- I mean, back on the moon.

I want it! I want it!

You've received the Nightbird Claw.

Yuri's Ultimate weapon! Because he obviously wasn't doing enough damage before.

I ran around a while until I got everyone to a high enough level to learn their final spells. Before we face the final dungeon, here's a look at everyone's current stats. At the end of the post, I've also got videos of each character's attack spells.

I'll be taking Yuri and Alice to face the final boss, and I need you to pick the third party member. Choose wisely.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: Deicide!

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