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Part 58: Epilogue


Now we get to the best part: watching shit blow up.

And everything returns to normal.

Alice: And so, our battle came to an end. The god awakened by human hands was returned to sleep once again by human hands. On the morning after, a refreshing breeze blew across Wales, and the horrible events leading up to yesterday seemed like nothing more than a bad dream. Soon it was time to say farewell to everyone.

Keith, with three lady vampires?! Yeah, right. We all know it should be three androgynous men, if anything.

Alice: Keith, our handsome vampire, grew weary of the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and so he returned, once again, to his peaceful castle in Transylvania. I wonder how many centuries he'll sleep this time? Goodnight, and sweet dreams, dear friend.

Alice: Master Zhuzhen, our brave Taoist adept, has gone to Shanghai to mend the disruptions in the energy fields in China. You taught us so much, Master Zhuzhen. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, and please, try not to overexert yourself.

Looks like Margarete invented the bikini about 40 years early. I guess it beats being covered up from your neck to your knees.

Alice: Our beloved spy for hire said she planned to go home to Paris, but she joked about how her next assignment was probably already waiting for her. So, there's no telling where she might be right now.

Alice: Halley, that cute little street-boy we met in London, set sail from Southampton with his mother, Koudelka to find his long-lost father in America. Finally, they'll be able to live together as a family. I pray you'll all find happiness.


Alice: As for me, I'm headed to Zürich where my mother's waiting. With Yuri, of course!

The story ends as it began, with Yuri and Alice on a train, but this time, they're together.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: The End?

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