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by supergreatfriend

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Original Thread: Memoirs of an immortal voodoo warrior: Let's Play Shadow Man!


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This is the Deadside,
the Wasteland, the nothing
beyond the bone-backed gates. Here the true darkness
at the heart of all things
is made real.
What we see in death's dominion
is as void from a dead man's gaze, as cold
as the light from a dying star.

Dr. Victor Batrachian

There is a place beyond death, where every soul that has ever shuffled of this mortal coil finds its spiritual home. It is a place that has no boundaries, no hope, no past and no future, trapped as it is in an unending present. A country of the dead, where the massed ranks of billions upon billions of souls range across a limitless expanse to a dead horizon, shuffling through the echoing halls of vast, funereal palaces, trudging over blasted plains, putrid with morbid vegetation.

This is the place known as Deadside.

For many thousands of years, the Shadow Men have protected the world of the living against threats crossing over from the spiritual plane known as Deadside – the place where everyone goes, without exception, when they die.

Michael LeRoi is the current heir to the mysteries of this ancient lineage – bearer of the Mask of Shadows. When darkness falls, he becomes the Walker Between the Worlds, Immortal Voodoo Warrior, Taker of Souls, Lord of Deadside...

...the Shadow Man.


Shadow Man is an action-adventure game from 1999, produced by Acclaim. It's been a favorite of mine, and I noticed that no one had done an LP of it yet. It's a horror game, but not survival horror. The gameplay focuses on shooting, platforming, and exploration. It's a game that was modeled after the Super Mario 64 method of 3D adventures, in that gameplay revolves around collecting a special item that allows you to open doors. In SM64, it was stars, in Shadow Man, it's Dark Souls. Shadow Man also took a page out of Ocarina of Time, in that it has a lock-on aiming system, in a time when that was uncommon.

Shadow Man was an attempt by Acclaim to create a new franchise. The first game sold well, but the sequel apparantly killed the series. But regardless of how the second game was, the first one was quite good for its time. The gameplay is somewhat outdated now, as the 3D action-adventure genre has evolved greatly since then. However, the atmosphere and story of the game still appeals to me, even if the gameplay is a bit generic.


OK, let's get started!


Part 1 - Intro & the BayouYouTube Viddler
Part 2 - Teddy TeleporterYouTube Viddler
Part 3 - Les CartesYouTube Viddler
Part 4 - Untamed AfterbirthYouTube Viddler
Part 5 - Into AsylumYouTube Viddler
Part 6 - Cathedral of PainYouTube Viddler
Part 7 - Defeated!?YouTube Viddler
Part 8 - Movin to the TempleYouTube Viddler
Part 9 - Temple of FireYouTube Viddler
Part 10 - Nice TatsYouTube Viddler
Part 11 - Backtrack a BitYouTube Viddler
Part 12 - Asylum ExpressYouTube Viddler
Part 13 - The CagewaysYouTube Viddler
Part 14 - Engine BlockYouTube Viddler
Part 15 - PoigneYouTube Viddler
Part 16 - More AfterbirthYouTube Viddler
Part 17 - To the PlayroomsYouTube Viddler
Part 18 - Playrooms Part 1YouTube Viddler
Part 19 - Playrooms Part 2YouTube Viddler
Part 20 - Playrooms Part 3YouTube Viddler
Part 21 - Wasteland AgainYouTube Viddler
Part 22 - Temple of LifeYouTube Viddler
Part 23 - Temple of ProphecyYouTube Viddler
Part 24 - More ProphecyYouTube Viddler
Part 25 - And More TatsYouTube Viddler
Part 26 - Revisiting AsylumYouTube Viddler
Part 27 - Cageways AgainYouTube Viddler
Part 28 - Temples!YouTube Viddler
Part 29 - vs. TrueformYouTube Viddler
Part 30 - LavaductsYouTube Viddler
Part 31 - Temple of BloodYouTube Viddler
Part 32 - Temple of Lava and SwimmingYouTube Viddler
Part 33 - Temple of Dead EndsYouTube Viddler
Part 34 - More Temples!YouTube Viddler
Part 35 - Back to the LavaductsYouTube Viddler
Part 36 - L'EclipserYouTube Viddler
Part 37 - Back to DeadsideYouTube Viddler
Part 38 - CalabashYouTube Viddler
Part 39 - UndercityYouTube Viddler
Part 40 - It's Still the UndercityYouTube Viddler
Part 41 - Milton PikeYouTube Viddler
Part 42 - Marco CruzYouTube Viddler
Part 43 - Mordant St., NY, 1st Fl.YouTube Viddler
Part 44 - Mordant St., NY, 2nd Fl.YouTube Viddler
Part 45 - Mordant St., NY, 3rd & 4th Fl. (Avery Marx)YouTube Viddler
Part 46 - Jack's JournalYouTube Viddler
Part 47 - Down St. StationYouTube Viddler
Part 48 - JackYouTube Viddler
Part 49 - Jack 2YouTube Viddler
Part 50 - Pistons!YouTube Viddler
Part 51 - Gardelle PrisonYouTube Viddler
Part 52 - More PrisonYouTube Viddler
Part 53 - Maximum SecurityYouTube Viddler
Part 54 - Victor BatrachianYouTube Viddler
Part 55 - Number 120. 0 left.YouTube Viddler
Part 56 - The End.YouTube Viddler
Part 57 - LegionYouTube Viddler
Part 58 - CreditsYouTube Viddler
Part 59 - SecretsYouTube Viddler
Part 60 - Book of ShadowsYouTube Viddler
Bonus Video by CorvusMoore - DOA2Viddler    

The Map
The map seems incomprehensible at first glance, but begins to make sense as one progresses through the game. For reference, we begin the game in Bayou Paradis, in the upper right-hand corner. The areas in the white area on the right are places in Liveside, the rest is in Deadside.
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