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Part 1: Create-a-Criminal Returns: Dragonfall

Part 01 - Create-a-Criminal Returns: Dragonfall


(You should listen to the main theme!)

Unlike in the previous LP we're going to start directly from the character creation this time because the player character of Dragonfall is more connected to the world around them than Returns' was, so using a placeholder for the first update would feel weird. Since the process and mechanics are largely unchanged from before, we're just going to focus on what's relevant and different. If you want a more in-depth look of everything here, I again point you to my previous LP.

As before, the first step is the difficulty selection. A major stat-inflating bug related to difficulty levels above Normal was discovered during the course of the previous LP, and at that time I also found out that a lesser version of it had carried over to Dragonfall as well. For that reason we'll be at least starting on Normal, just in case. The overall difficulty level of Dragonfall is quite a bit higher than that of The Dead Man's Switch, so even on Normal you're gonna have to pay a little more attention to what you're doing.

Then to the character creation itself. First is a choice between male or female, but as before this is almost completely cosmetic, only having an effect on dialogue here and there.

Next up are the races, with an extremely lazy copy-paste job because they're the exact same as in the previous game. Man, cutting corners is just the best.

Same deal with the archetypes. We'll be making a custom character, but it'll fall under one of these regardless.

This time around, I'll be leaving the archetype for the thread to decide because one of the numerous improvements from Returns is the ability to use a crew member for Decking checks! The future truly is here.

I should mention that the archetypes not covered by any of the crew members are Mage and Physical Adept. Incidentally it's the exact same case in Hong Kong, I'm not sure why the developers are so averse to Mage and Adept companions. In any case Mages remain hilariously useful and powerful and Adepts actually aren't trash anymore either, though they also don't really peak until Hong Kong. You by no means have to choose between these two mind, bringing duplicate archetypes is no big deal. Listen to what your heart tells you.

A quick refresher on the Karma system, also unchanged from before.

There have been some adjustments to the skills themselves. The most significant change is the introduction of throwing weapons as a separate weapon class, meaning a variety of throwing weapon abilities have been added to the skill which previously only made you better at throwing grenades. Other changes include the addition of sniper rifles (still governed by the Rifles skill) and a variety of armor piercing skills (more on this when we get into a fight).

Note also that we start with 60 Karma (63 here since I picked a human when taking this screenshot) this time around, almost twice as much as we did in Returns. We're not some scrub amateur runner this time.

And last but definitely not least, we have the character name.

Here's where we hand over the controls to the thread. Please vote for what you want to see in the following categories:

1. Our sex: Male or Female
2. Our race: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Ork or Troll
3. Our archetype: Street Samurai, Mage, Decker, Shaman, Rigger or Physical Adept
4. Our streetname: 2-12 characters. Do keep in mind that this is what everyone will call us so y'know. Be creative but also try to come up with something that we can all look at for the entirety of a long RPG.

And remember: If you don't care, at least quote someone else's answer and go "Yeah I'm fine with this". I know you lazy bums are still around.

We'll give the voting a day or so.

Voting has concluded.