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Part 38: Information Scavenging

Part 38 - Information Scavenging

We've successfully made our entry into the Landenberg Ring's bank, but what exactly awaits within and how long our luck about being unnoticed will hold is anyone's guess.

Wouldn't recommend setting your guesses too high though.

Entering the building has also caused our objectives list to fatten up considerably. Neither the Red-Haired Disaster or Grumpy Grandpa is allowed to bite it, and we need to install a bypass to let the former get through the firewall blocking his way in the Matrix.

And speaking of the latter, let's take a closer look at our new buddy Hasenkamp.

Accountant courses must be pretty hardcore these days because claiming that the older man is built like truck would be giving trucks too much credit. Check out that Body stat! He's also competent with handguns, biotech and throwing weapons...

...which are all skills backed up by a powerful revolver and a beltful of grenades and medkits...

...and topped by a pile of cyberware consisting of an eye-mounted laser designator, a hydraulic jack and a pair of arm replacements. Apparently Meat Grinder has the goddamn Terminator doing his accounting. Guess making sure the same guy can crunch both numbers and bones is one way to make sure your finances stay in order.

Making a mental note not to underestimate desk jockeys in the future, we begin our search for the computer we need to insert the bypass into by first trying the northwest door.

This place is a dump.

By the looks of it that might as well be the slogan of Drongekippe as a whole.

Technically we've no real reason to rummage through these random desk drawers, but we've never been one for technicalities.

Oh shit son, maybe coming here was worth it after all!

They're all blank. You don't think that the Landenberg Ring would leave them in an unlocked drawer if they had money on them, do you?

[Slot a credstick.] You're probably right, but it couldn't hurt to check.

Bah, lame.

Told you so. Now, can we keep moving, or do you want to test every stick in that drawer?

Well, it couldn't hu--

That was a rhetorical question, genius.

[He shakes his head.]

Come on, Rosa. Let's keep moving.



They're all blank. You don't think that the Landenberg Ring would leave them in an unlocked drawer if they had money on them, do you?

[Step away.] Yeah, that follows.

Hey, hang on... it couldn't hurt to--

...Says the man who's sitting in the nice, cozy soykaf shop. I'd say that invalidates your opinion about what could and couldn't hurt. Come on, Rosa. Let's quit wasting time and find that vault.

Hasenkamp's probably right, we should get this job d- ooh look at all this stuff we can look at!

The medical cabinet in the corner contains an Advanced Medkit which we happily throw into the pile.

And what secrets might this desk hold? ...Also is that a fish on top of this thing?

Probably just our imagination. Still, let's be thorough, never know what we'll find.

You about through over there?

Hang on a second. I want to check this out.

I'm not sure that we're on the same page, here. So we should probably hash this out now and save ourselves some time.

Geez man, you definitely wouldn't fit into our group with that attitude.

We can choose to either do as he says and move on, or tell him to pipe down with various levels of politeness. No sense in needlessly antagonizing the man with metal limbs and a bad attitude, but if he thinks he holds the power to keep us from exploring every single nook and cranny then he's sorely mistaken.

This isn't going to take long, don't worry.

I'm not worried, I'm irritated. But fine, whatever, do your thing. Just do it fast, okay?

You got it.

Loan centers, huh. Considering the reason why we're out here, you'd figure that position was already taken.

Hey, Hasenkamp, what does Grinder think about this? Isn't money lending *his* racket?

Yeah. These Landenberg pricks have been a tick on his ass for years now, sucking away at the revenue that should be lining *his* pockets. Bad business, all around. Thankfully, we're gonna recover at least a little of that cash tonight. And speaking of which...

Just a second. I'm almost done.

[At the back of the binder, you find a note scrawled on a slip of scrap paper.]

Any idea who this "Plotz" guy is, Hasenkamp?

Sounds like a name Blitz would come up with when trying to go undercover or something. Would probably be real proud of it too.

Miserable son of a bitch, I had to share an office with that man for--

[He cuts himself short.]

Never mind. You don't need to know.

You're just trying to sound cool, Blitz. Still, this connection does seem like something worth keeping in mind.

That does it for the desk, but we're not done here yet. The wonderful world of garbage beckons once more, and who are we to refuse its call?

Oh yeah, now this is what shadowrunning is all about.

Oh, for Christ's sake. Here we go again.

Calm down, man. This is all a part of the job.

This is ridiculous. You're on a run with a deadline, and you're rooting around in a trash can.

It happens more often than you'd expect.

Ah to hell with you all, you just don't get it. This is important to us okay? No, it's more than important. It's destiny.

The longer we argue about this, the longer it's gonna take.

[Hasenkamp steps back, an exasperated expression on his face]

All right. Fine. Do your thing. But make it quick.


Aha, this seems extremely important!

What do you make of this, Hasenkamp?

You seriously need to calm down, man.

I'll calm down when I'm out of here and away from you. Now let's keep moving.

[Blitz whispers.] Ask a silly question...

Bah, what do you assholes know about anything.

We can see the gleam of our mission objective marker past this next door...

...which naturally means we make an immediate 180 degree turn and return back to the entrance in order to check the other way first.

Tune in next time to find out exactly how many random desks and file holders we'll manage get through before Hasenkamp inevitably puts a bullet in our head.