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Part 87: The Beginning (Ending Showcase 3, Part 1)

Part 87 - The Beginning (Ending Showcase 3, Part 1)

But you know... is one city really that big of a price to pay for a chance for all of metahumanity to take control of its own future again? Isn't taking risks and accepting some unfortunate loss of life just business as usual for a shadowrunner?

Like honestly, can we really say that literally everyone in that Aztechnology building we blew up really was some unscrupulous corporate villain, or did we simply acknowledge that even if there had been an ordinary worker or thirty in there just trying to live their lives, their fates simply weren't that important in the greater scope of things? In the end we got paid the money we desperately needed, the dangerous Bloodline project was buried, and most would be sure to agree that destroying the place was overall a net positive for the world regardless of who exactly was left behind in the rubble.

And now we are facing an opportunity to bring about real change, the one genuine chance we'll ever get to rebel against our undying masters and tear down their unbreakable ivory towers threatening to keep mankind under their oppressive shadow for all eternity! It has to be worth it to try.

I didn't want to face it before, but... I think that you're right. Your plan is a necessary evil.

[He pauses.] Oh? And tell me, why the sudden change of heart?

I don't want to see Berlin burn. But if that's what it'll take to save the rest of the world, then I think that you should do it. I won't try to stop you.


Interesting. I am skeptical, of course. But interesting, nonetheless. If you're sincere about letting me finish my work, then lay down your arms and make yourself comfortable. Audran will be here momentarily to ensure your compliance. When my work is done, I will allow you to walk away free.

If the absentees were here:



I, uh... I can't believe I'm sayin' this, but I kind of agree with the death machine. If you help that old nutcase, everyone we know back in Berlin will die. Our *house* will burn down. So, uh... if you really wanna do this, I'm gonna have to stop you.

Please, stand down... I don't want to fight you. Vauclair's right. I wish that he weren't, but he is. Can't you see that? If this plan of his doesn't happen tonight, all of our sacrifice - Paul's death, Monika's death - will have been in vain.

Guys, come on. We gotta look at the big picture here, the world is bigger than one little corner of Germany. The dragons don't care who they trample on their way to the top, we're talking innocent people crushed under their claws in numbers that make the population of one city pale in comparison!


Well... shit. I guess we're gonna fight now. Why do I always end up with the completely crazy ones?


[Rage and grief play across Dietrich's face. His hands begin to glow.]

God *DAMN* it, boss.

Oh so that's it, huh? We were supposed to be a team! All this time we've spent together, all the battles we've fought side by side, all the blood we've shed for each other, you're just going to throw all of it away as soon as it's time to make some tough decisions? Bunch of turncoats! Knew we should've brought Dante instead, he at least knows the meaning of loyalty.

Fine. But make no mistake: This is on you, not us.

It's sad to see you on the wrong side, Eiger, but we are quite good at changing people's minds.

Here's a target for you too, let's have one more go at our famous teamwork for old times' sake.

Yeah, that's how we always did it, didn't we.

That part's cheating though. Knew we should've kept those medical supplies to ourselves...

No one should have to live such a harsh and unjust life as you did, Glory, but at least those other cultist kids we saved will get to grow up in a better world.

Glad these boxes were here or that probably would've sucked pretty hard. And that damn spirit is somehow more loyal an ally than our own allies were, still zapping away at us.

We lost all our ways of flushing people out of cover, so trench warfare it is for now.

Oh hi again Eiger, good timing.

Damn! Sorry old man, really wish you could've been there with us to witness the ultimate act of dragonslaying. Guess your nephew will be there to keep you company soon, at least.

Thanks for the assist Eiger, we always did make one hell of a pair. It was probably always going to be on the battlefield where we'd finally be separated for good, but it's a damn shame it had to happen like this.

Hope you're at least convinced now, jackass, because we've just paid one hell of a price for a ticket to this show of yours. And we can see your lapdog has arrived as well, do make sure the muffler's on tight enough this time.

[He turns to face his huffing security captain.]

You're late, Audran. And there have been some... unexpected developments in your absence.

Sorry, Doc. We were waking up the dragon's physical form. The process required some... care. Everything's ready for you down there, by the way. When you're ready, you should see to it.

I will.

[The old man gestures at you with a frail arm.]

Now, as for our friend here...

Go stick your balls in a blender, Audran.

That won't be necessary, Audran. Our guest has agreed to a truce. She will not attempt to stop us from doing what must be done.

If you say so, Doc.

[He looks from you to the scene of carnage in the lab, and a broad grin creeps onto his face.]

Somebody have a little accident in there? Looks messy.

There was some... disagreement... within the group.

[Vauclair nods at you.]

But that's settled now, yes?

I just killed my friends for this plan of yours, Vauclair.

[Without waiting for a response, he stubs out his last cigarette.]

Audran, watch over our guest, if you will. See to it that she's well treated - she's a friend now. I will begin the Panacea infusion process.

[He nods.] Understood, Doctor Vauclair.

It had better be, because the current one's feeling shittier by the minute.

Vauclair walks off and we're left with this cuddly studmuffin again.

Would I have killed my own teammates if I weren't sincere about this?

Maybe. You could be that nuts. I've known guys who were.

...Guess that's fair enough.

Think what you like. In the meantime, I'm going to sit here and wait for Vauclair to release the dragon.

All right. You say that you're gonna stand down and let the Doc do his thing? Fine.

[He shifts into a relaxed posture.]

Let's just sit here, then. You don't make any sudden moves, and I don't start pushing buttons.

[He glances at a chronometer mounted to his wrist.]

It shouldn't take long now. The Doc is probably already pumping the dragon's body full of live virus.

A fade to black, and a promise of a brighter future, with the reins of history back in the hands of man. Let's hope this really has been worth it.

Next time: The conclusion.