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Part 7: Chapter VII: I Shale not take it for granite

Part V: I Shale not take it for granite

Alright Let's visit Miss Shale

Heh woops, wrong place. Anyways, back on track...

Damnit, who-ever is killing off all of Joshua's Friends and acquaintances is going to get a sharp taste of Winston Wolverine! Anyways, Tabatha gives us a couple of good leads to follow up on, so let's go to the Redmond Barrens first.

Fuckin' Renraku! That's what I get for constantly hacking into their mainframes. The bastards! Everything is starting to piece together now... Let's look at our new info.

I'm not ready to take on huge ass corp like Renraku, but I think now is a good time to visit Mr. Caleb

(After finishing the Boris part of this quest line, you no longer have to pay, or have high reputation to enter this club. This is unequivocally a good thing, because Caleb is the best Johnson in the game.)

Since we're talking to Caleb, we're going to get the two most important contacts in the game. There is only one other besides this that I find important, but more on that later.

I buy both of the contacts, (To which Caleb has a generic "I put the info in your data-pad" answer too, and I start trying to earn Karma

When you do Matrix Runs, you use the "Run Passcode" feature, this is how you know you get hooked up with the right place. Also, when you do Corp Matrix runs, the corp passcode is saved into this section. This way you can keep going back to corps. The map and protection of a corp never changes. So memorizing (or writing down,) what nodes have tar pits or tar paper is a great way to make easy risk free money

If you click the computer in the bottom left screen, you can pull up the info on your run...

... which lets you tell the wrong nodes ...

... From the right ones

Anyways, after I turn in the run, I go out to the data terminal, and call up my two contacts. First up?


That is the best board in the game, for like a 65,000 Nuyen discount. We're definitely going to be calling Kipp back in the near futures, because that is the kind of Board you use to hack GOD'S mainframe.

His programs are kind of cool I guess, but I'm just not that into using anything but attack, or Mask. Those are programs that are for people who are trying to do runs way over there level, and want to pro-long the whole thing.

After talking to David, I call Sgt Chillicutt

The permit will now allow us to walk away from Lone Star "gun checks" without a roll, and wiping our record will allow us to get away with the hundred something murders we've committed.