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Part 8: Chapter VIII: Renraku Roll

Part VI: Renraku Roll

Hello all, on our way to the inn we get propositioned

This random encounter is actually a huge trap. There are one of two outcomes. Either the guy is a cop, and you get arrested for buying the grenades, or the grenades are shit, and the 6th one you throw from the pack explodes in your hand. There is really only one option with such a scummy person.


This guy wasn't lone star, but still. Fuck'im

He dropped an AK, which we pick up to sell later.

We're just incredibly popular today.

(A) (Fuck it.)

Check mate motherfucker.

Jesus Christ, what is this rape city?

So we head to the nearest inn, to spend some of our good 'ole earned karma. Primarily won from shadowruns, purposefully avoiding the corp runs so I could show those to you guys.

Finally, we have enough reputation to do the rest of the shit I wanted to do. So we head to the Penumbra district to show off one more runner.

Yes... YES

She just says ok, no questions asked. Freya you see is an AMAZING mage, and HERE is why.

Anyways, we head to caleb to finally do our first Corp run, this'll be a lot of fun. Has some of the best sorcery skills in the game, and high Charisma. She's in short, perfect for what we need, and the last piece of our team. Now let's go run amok!

Aw shit, we're getting respect from the bouncers now, we must be movin' up in the world.

Alright, he is offering us 4k to break into a place that's shut-up tighter then a Dragon's Wallet. We could try to negotiate for more, but I kind of want to show off Renraku HQ, besides what's the worst that can happen?

Renraku is located at the very top of the Renraku Arcology, there are no computers on the first floor, so you can't find your target until you reach the second.

And before we move an inch, we get checked

We talk our way out of it though. Jesus Christ.

We reach the elevators without incident, and then look around for a Data Terminal.


I turn off the cameras and head for the rest of the system.

Eventually, I hit the CPU, & I cancel the alert.

After hacking in and turning off the alarms I jack out.

Fuck. You.

Our Gunfire turns ON the alarms again, and I run back.

Now as long as we don't get into trouble again we'll be home free

I'd love to open fire, but we've got to find our client and head home. That means combing every room, I forgot to upgrade Joshua's Electornics skill before this run, so I can't use the security terminals to figure out where this guy is. I'm an idiot basically.

Oh right, Renraku has roving packs of Hellhounds, that will kill you pretty goddamn fast. That would have been much different if I had been properly levelled. The worst part is, I've got schlum it around and pick up my two mates again.

Anyways, after buying my shit, I head back to the Renraku Arcology an~

I immediately get recognized. I'm just going to open fire.

We head back to Renraku after that, because I'm pissed and I'm going to bang my head against this mission until I get a concussion.

And get up to the fifth floor, This time starting from the top down.

Low and behold, there is our man. Now let's get the FUCK out of here.

I'm sorry, did you not hear the sounds of GUNFIRE AND BULLSHIT?

So instead of trying to walk the whole troupe out, completely visible, I instead equip Freya's Invisibility spell, and cast it on the 4 of us. (You actually turn invisible)

Then we walk out the front doors and BOOM! Mission completed. Thumbs up to you Riggerman, thumbs up to you too.

This nets us about 6 karma, meaning we're about to get very very beefy. But until then back to Matrix Runs.

Renraku isn't really happy with our latest run, and we're on their radar for the shit with Michael (our brother,) So they're going to be doing this a lot.

And by this...

I mean dying.

We got a run in the Hollywood Correctional Matrix, so I'm going to post a map of their Matrix, which is one of the Matrices that will never change.

1) Outdated Files
2) System Files
3) Security Files
4) Financial Data
5) Management Files
6) Prisoner Files
....|___ Interesting File
7) HVAC Systems
8) Maglocks

So while grinding, I got a Matrix mission that was special, we're supposed to jump into the Hollywood Correctional Facility, and steal sensitive information from the security files. Thing is, Hollywood is one of those places with "special" Matrix Files that tell you cool little side missions. So we break in like normal and take a peek at the Prisoner Files

Which gives us an "interesting file"

Apparently a woman named Ilene Two-Fists is locked up in Hollywood Correctional...

Then Caleb sends us to Ares, to upload a file.

1) Outdated Files
2) Project Files
3) System Files
4) Management Files
5) Security Files
6) Legal Files
7) Confidential Data
....|_____ 2 Interesting Files
8) Maglocks
9) Security Control
10) Cameras
11) Automated Equipment
12) Automated Equipment
13) HVAC System
14) Elevator Control
15) Alert Control

While in there, we found two interesting files.

Hmmm... Apparently, Ilene was a runner for Ares who fucked up somewhere along the line, then she got burnt and turned over to Lone Star. Sucks to be her, not to mention the backroom dealings between Fuchi and Ares...