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Part 10: Chapter X: Contacts, get your Contacts here

VIII: Contacts

Alright, let's meet all the contacts in the game, first we run to Vigore & Jarl to get the contact for Quinton James

Captain Quinton James


Sharkey is absolutely awesome she cuts out a huge amount of travel and getting lost, and she's got smart goggles.

Professor Jefferson

Gregory Wilns

Alesandro Hobbs

SGT Mackleman


Now there are three Crime Lords, the leader of the Mafia, the Leader of the Yakuza, and the Orks Mayoral Connection. You can speak to the Ork Leader without effecting the other two, but the Yakuza, and the Mafia will not let you talk to them unless you join their group, locking you out from the other group.


Henry J Culver

Aw yeah, abusin' Cab drivers because we're really cheap.

Eye Fivers (The Mob)

Halloweeners (Yakuza)

Mr. Faradouchi (Mob Boss)

Agira Tetsumi (Yakuza Leader)

That's it for contacts, next up? PLOT!

I just wanted to show off how protected we are, and what kind of gear we're rolling with. Not to mention the crazy amount of damage we do. (I've only ever seen the "Incredible!" Power on Winston, who now has the amount of strength necessary to cut a tank in half with a Samurai Sword.)