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Part 11: Chapter XI: Return to plot

Part IX: Return to plot

Alright, so now we're all geared out, it's time to follow our first Lead, Frosty the Elf.

Alright, she's in the Sinsearch village, now if only we knew someone who could take us to sinse~ OH WAIT THAT'S RIGHT

Salish Shidhe

This is the front gate.

They can see into my heart I'm pretty sure most of it is metal...

Alright, now then, The wilderness of Salish Shidhe Shapoopie is a bunch of different little areas cut together. It's annoying as fuck, good thing I could find a map, (Thank you to mikesrpgcenter some dude who went through and mapped every goddamn thing in the game.)

1 - Is where you arrive if you take a cab, or Sharkey there. It's also where you get dropped off when Sinsearch give you a ride back.
2 - Is a Ranger's Station
3 - Is a Medicine Hut
4 - Is a Hermit's Shack
5 - Is where the Sinsearch Elves are

This ends us up at 1 on the map, and then while in town we go to building 2 and 3

This is a part of another Quest chain, (there are 3 Quest Chains you have to do before you can complete the game.)

Now didn't we read about an Amerindian in one of our note files? No matter, we have other things to attend too.

Now we go visit the Red Magic Woman.

Then catch a ride back to sinsearch

Now we've got to find someone named Ilene Two Fist... But wait... Didn't we...

I think it's time to call one of our lonestar contacts. Sgt Macklemore can get us in for 5k. We pay the money and soon we're in Hollywood Correctional

Daw thanks Sarge!

Yup, classy lady. Then we go where she asked us to...

She's a great runner if you're not already hip to the games Mechanics, and she's set up pretty well, not to mention cheap.

Basically, what she means is do the other two quests, then you can come back. David Owlfeather is having some trouble with his lost brother Aragorn, funny thing about Aragorn he's the last rider of all Algaesia and will re-unite the dwarves and the Elves to fight the evil Galbotorix. Boris has some info, so we head there. (Actually, he's just an asshole.)

He tells us to check out some local Johnson's. Thing is, only 3 Johnsons do Corp runs, one is Caleb who would've told him about the Amerindian if he knew anything, the other is Vigore & Jarl but they're pretty far away from Amerindian lands, the last is Mortimer Reed, so we head there first.

Fuuuuucccccckkkk. I hate Corp runs. Anyways, Mitsuhama is not that far from here, so we head up there.

Wow. Fuck you too Buddy. Let's go tell Owlfeather what a dick his brother is.


1 Passport Lodge
2 The Friendship Restaraurant
3 Inn
4 Medicine Lodge (Sells Spells)
5 Orc Embassy
6 Council Island Hospital

Well... Lets try to get a passport

This is why having Sharkey is awesome, because I can still shoot random people and kill lonestar with no worries. We head into the restaraunt and...

A runner I forgot about

I'm sure Ork's in furkini's are busy with a LOT of fetishes.

Then we head to the Medicine Lodge

Now we just roam around Salish so that we can get attacked by Gargoyles.

And pick up their horn, thank god it doesn't take up an inventory space.

Damn, why did it have to be hellhounds? Fuck those things. We head back to Salish to get the pelt, and then come back

Sounds like this guy's been toking on his own peace pipe. (Even in the shadowrun lore, being asked to earn a scale from a dragon is a crazy fuckin' thing to ask someone, like along the lines of "Ask Bill Gates for his car.")

Anyways, I fly into Salish-Shidhe trying to find the right cave that has the dragon in it. If you don't know ahead of time you just end up walking circles secretly building resentment for this game.

The worst part is, you fight a shit-ton of Gargoyles and Hell-hounds along the way, so it's like "Why couldn't you just tell me to get all three at the same time?" Because everyoe, and I mean everyone, hates Joshua.

Not only that? The game doesn't even tell you where to look for the dragon, you have to go ridiculously out of your way, into the cave that's FARTHEST from the Entry Point and then head as far WEST as possible, and it's just a big mindfuck and half the time you don't even know if you're going the right way


I mean, besides the giant snake heads that are right outside the cave...

When we finally reach the other side of the cave, we encounter a Renraku Strike Team, which would for most be a sign that you did what you were supposed to. Nope, you go all the way to the end and find....

I like that Meta-humanity has set the bar SO LOW for all of human-kind that you can literally bullshit with him first, and he'll still think you're a pretty honest guy.

Well... Ok then, back to Salish

The Joshua proceeds to trip. Balls.

Well, uh Holy shit.

We still haven't reached the level of understanding the Sinsearch elves need. We have to dig deeper. We're so close to the end next mission, we go to the Sinsearch elves in Puyallup.