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Part 12: Chapter XII: The End

X: The End

Alright, so first thing first, let's go find Mako Sochou

Am I the only one who thinks, "Holy shit Johsua is kind of bi-polar?"

Anyways, the thing you were supposed to clue in on was a local hotel, the only two hotels around here are the Wylie Gala in Penumbra

Which is empty, and the Gates Undersound in Downtown Seattle.

Yeah, he says that as soon as you walk in, no I don't know how he knew you were lookin' for Ogami, but the Matchsticks is only a block a way so let's hurry over there.

We pop a cap in his ass, thug style. Fuck you hombre.

Looks like we're going to hack Ito's private stores. (We get the following codes)

You know, something makes me thing Renraku is going to be so happy we offed this guy, but no matter. Now we know where our next clue is. Next stop? Renraku Penthouse Suite.

We return to the Sinsearch Village, and now that we've learned more about what's going on, she agrees to see us. Before we leave though, there is one more thing we must do.

Which is walk around in the wilds until we find some random shack

And find someone who we thought were dead, holy shit. Let's rush down to Seattle Hospital, we know we have a friend their who can help.

Well then. Let's break into Fuchicorp!

Then we go back to the Hospital

So let's go back to Puyallup, which coincidentally is where we'll meet Harlequin

So we instantly get recognized in Club 93

(Yes Stark is dressed and looks like Joshua)

He's already cybered up, and also free, but we don't take him because Winston is a better runner.

We run on down to The Wandered

Except the bastards flew the coup! Only one Johnson will talk to you about it, and it'll be the one you least suspect.

Yep, that's right he's hiding in the starting area, where you just learn how the game works. He's in the rat's nest, if you don't remember, it was that area swarming with Lone Star at the beginning of the game.

We show Harlequin what we found, hopefully so he can point us to our next move.

Preparation really just means filling our pockets with medkits, after that we head back.

We return, and then? We watch.