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Original Thread: It's the Second Civil War - Let's Play Shattered Union!



Shattered Union is a competent turn-based strategy game that was released for PC and XBOX with a little controversy, little to no advertising, no fanfare, and no support whatsoever post release; as you can imagine, it sold poorly and dropped off the radar into gaming oblivion. The publishers even toyed with the idea of putting up fansite packages, as well as an official forum, but quickly abandoned the title once they realized that all of ten people might ever use such extras.

It's all a little unfair, however, as the game truly is competent and solid where it counts. The multiplayer functionality is something I've never bothered with, so God knows if it helps things any, but the game is well designed from the ground up, has a decent AI, balanced opponents, wildly different abilities for the assorted powers, showcases some pretty graphics, let's you drop the bomb on Green Bay or any other damned city in North America, and is entertaining enough to keep a person occupied through a few campaigns. It has the best features of most turn-based games of its type, none of the faults, and throws in a number of neato little innovations that keep it fresh enough to be worth playing.

That being said, it's also sinfully bland with only a tiny handful of unique units between factions, no diplomacy to speak of, and a few silly decisions along the way (anything destroyed stays destroyed and can never be rebuilt again - which allows you to scorch the earth, so to speak, but since you want that earth and burning your factories down means you lose out just as bad in the long run, if not worse, than the other guy, limits the overall strategy.

I like the game, however, and would rape the children of anyone who insult its honour. That's right, you might call the game sucky, but I want you to remember me, ten years down the line, when your kid comes home crying from school and just wont tell you what's wrong. Who will suck then, eh? EH? Well, I don't like it that much, I guess.

I digress.

You can read this helpful text I lifted straight from Wikipedia or, if you're from the MTV degeneration and think reading is for gays and Asian students, feel quite free to check out the game's introductory video:

Wikipedia posted:

In 2008, following George W. Bush's eight year term in office, David Jefferson Adams is elected the 44th President of the United States of America following a disputed election and a tie vote in the Electoral College (and subsequent tie-breaker by the United States House of Representatives), becoming the most unpopular president - and greatest dictator - in U.S. history. A dramatic amount of civil unrest and rioting springs up all throughout the United States, resulting in domestic terrorism. In response, President Adams uses the Homeland Security Act and declares martial law on many areas of the country.

During the election of 2012, the Supreme Court disqualifies all the presidential candidates from holding office, effectively awarding Adams with a second term. The public reacts violently when incumbent Adams accepts his next term.

During the Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. on January 20, 2013, a low-yield nuclear weapon is detonated, destroying the city, killing Adams, his cabinet, and most of the US Congress. The United States plunges into chaos.

The European Union parliament meets in an emergency session and votes to send peacekeepers to the greater DC area to secure international interests. Separatist sentiment begins to rise in America. On national television, the governor of California declares home rule and secedes from the Union. Texas follows a few days later, taking neighboring states with them and re-forming the Republic of Texas. By 2014, all hopes for a peaceful resolution are gone, and the Second American Civil War begins.

I can't think of a better Civil War scenario, maybe with the exception of WhiskeyJuvenile's old avatar.


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