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Part 11: Time Wasting, Episode 2

Ryo checks out the arcade.

Hang On catches his eye.


He gets off to a good start (ie, not crashing on the first turn 'cause those damn green and blue guys are road hogs)...

But runs in to trouble. Boom.

Curse that Ren and his top score.

Ryo decides to try Space Harrier.


A tree is space man's demise.

Lastly it's darts.

An acceptible score.

The arcade guy is really impressed, and awards us a prize!

A... mini dart figure. Okay. Japan sure has an obsession with collectibles.

Just outside the arcade are a couple toy capsule machines. Ryo picks the Excited Sega World or something machine.

A booby prize, Dice 2, available from every machine. Ryo's reaction to this is "Huh."

After such a crappy prize, sure. That's how they get you.

Aida II.

Poppors. I don't know what this is from.

After �500 allowance, 3 arcade games, and 3 capsule toys, Ryo's net Yen for the day is -�100.

Ryo talks to Hiromi Komine, owner of the Komine Bakery.

The longest awkward pause in the world occurs between "Well," and "I".

There's nothing I can say that would be funny in comparison.

Of course you haven't.

No, I don't really know, and I don't think I want to.


NEXT UPDATE: First Contact