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Part 12: First Contact

Strolling down past the Tomato Mart, when...

Enoki and his sidekick Nagashima come to save the day. I mean, be dicks.

Apparently that wasn't a question.

Oh no.

I'm much too busy collecting Toy Capsules.

Enoki rushes with a punch.

Ryo sidesteps to the left and Enoki goes flailing.

Nagashima gets a knee to the gut.

Enoki's back for a beating.

I mean, oops. Ryo takes a punch and a kick for his negligence.

This time, he's ready.

And reacts appropriately.

I'm sure they learned their lesson!

Enoki attempts to revive Nagashima with mouth-to-mouth.

Since we've got more time until the bars open we go buy the kitty more food. And since we're poor we buy Salami.

Ryo talks to the kitty more than he does people.

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NEXT UPDATE: Bar Hopping