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by MrXmas

Part 14: Heart Breaker

At the entrance to Heartbeats, some guy blocks your way.

Meet Mr. .

Ryo does not appreciate this.

Mr. has a conference with his buddy, Mr. .

Just after this, Mr. tries give Ryo a farewell hug.

Ryo does not enjoy being touched.

Mr. gets jealous.

Ryo decides to see how hard Mr. can punch.

"Not bad..."

"... for a fairy!"

Heartbeats appears to be a reputable establishment.

The guy sitting at the bar buys Ryo a drink as an offering of friendship.

Back to the sailors question.

Ryo gets touched again. That means the shit's gonna hit the fan.

Let's try making an anigif of this.

That was pretty terrible. YouTube time.


Okay, I'll make another. This one's just too cool.

That impressed by Ryo's asskickery?


Metal Ge-- okay that joke has run its course. Too bad there'll be a hundred more places it would be appropriate.

Ryo asks good questions, but accepts crappy answers.

Filled to the brim with all the detailed information he could possibly need, Ryo complies.

Most businesses are closed by now, including the motorcycle shop, so it's time to end the day.

NEXT UPDATE: Looking for a Guy Named "Charlie"