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Part 17: Really Actually Looking for a Guy Named "Charlie"

Rup - I mean, Ryo - asks Ono at the Motorcycle Shop about Charlie.

Ono: He's such a poser. Thinks riding a hawg makes him look cool, but it don't. He ain't a real biker.
Ryo: Do you know where he lives?
Ono: No idea. He only stops by sometimes. Oh yeah, go to Tsuruoka's place.
Ryo: You mean Tsuruoka-san at the jacket shop?
Ono: I heard Charlie goes there sometimes.
Ryo: Thank you.

Tsuruoka: Charlie? What's he like?
Ryo: He always wears a black leather jacket and sunglasses. Has a tattoo on his arm.
Tsuruoka: Ah.
Ryo: You know him?
Tsuruoka: There's this guy who's always whining about our jackets. Like he knows what he's talking about. Always showing off his tattoo.
Ryo: I see.

It takes some pestering, but Tsuruoka finally mentions that Charlie sometimes drops by to kill time just before the bars open.

Guess that means it's Ryo's turn to waste time again.

First off we learn the throw move scrolls we forgot to earlier. Arm Break Fire gets the R shortcut.

Now we do whatever.

The first two options to get three votes will win. Please list the number in your post because I'm a lazy ass.
1) Try the Tomato Mart raffle. Also, shop.
3) Get a soda.
4) Play some slots.
5) Make phone calls.
6) Feed the kitty.
7) Stroll around town looking for interesting characters.
8) Skip ahead in time (actually I'll just do some undocumented practice for hours)
9) Other (post your choice)

The arcade was removed since we've seen all the interesting games. I mean, unless you find the QTE arcade games interesting. Then post for it under 9).
Practice was also removed and replaced with 8) Skip ahead in time. Because there's nothing to document during practice now that we've seen "Let's get sweaty".

NEXT UPDATE: Time Wasting, Episode 3