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Part 2: Ryo's Wet Dream

December 3, 1986 - 9:00am
Ryo spends four days recovering from his injuries. During this time apparently Iwao was cremated (I think; not really sure where I heard this).

We start by seeing Ine-san pick up a letter from the mailbox. It's addressed to Iwao.

The scene changes to Ryo, who is having a steamy dream about Lan Di.

Oh, no, Lan Di! What are you doing to daddy?!

Ryo wakes, curious as to where the creamy substance in his pants came from.

Our first moments in control! Just what we needed, emergency numbers. Now we know where to call in case of injuries sustained while asking about sailors.

We ransack Ryo's room. Items found:

+ Cassette: SHENMUE
+ Cassette Player
+ Picture of Friends
+ Cassette: SHA HUA

Ine-san catches Ryo as he tries to sneak out. Remember that letter she found? Well Ine-san sure doesn't, and fails mention it at all. Instead, she just gives Ryo his daily allowance of 500 yen. 5 whole dollars, whoop. Now get back in the kitchen!

We survey our surroundings. To the right.

And the left. Further down the hall is Iwao's altar room and study/bedroom, as well as a bathroom. Which will never be used.

We start by heading in to Fuku's room. Virtua Fighter posters? This is '86, right?

Fuku's left a move scroll lying in plain view on his desk. Ryo steals borrows it.

+ MOVE SCROLL: Shadow Reaper

Looks like Fuku's been practicing his throws.

Forward references.

Next, Ryo steps in to Ine-san's room and notices all those drawers. Surely there must be something useful in them.

Nope. Nothing. Nada... Not even underwear. Now there's a disturbing find. However, Ryo finds a picture in a chair with drawers.

+ Photo of Hazukis

In the living room, Ryo digs the ol' Sega Saturn out from beneath the TV. Yep, still the 80s.

In the kitchen, Ine-san is cooking up something, as she should be.

Ryo notices the food on the table, and starts to feel light-headed.

Some young punk is stealing Ryo's food while he's unconscious! Kick his ass!

Oh wait, I get it. It's a flashback.

My parents used the "starving kids would want it" guilt trip.

The terror approacheth.

What a strict and loving father.

After that disturbing experience, Ryo heads in to his father's altar room, where he swears vengeance.

Ryo finds another move scroll in a hallway. This one was hidden in a hamper, but Ryo's too clever for such a trick!

+ MOVE SCROLL: Twin Blades

In Iwao's study, Ryo finds a letter on the desk. It's written by Iwao, addressed to Ryo!

Dear Ryo...
Those who follow the path of a warrior must be ready to die,
in order to stand by their convictions.
Live for one's convictions, die for one's convictions.
That is how I lived my life.
Ryo, it is up to you to discover your path, and follow it through.

Things are starting to get interesting. Just what is hidden in Iwao's past?

Ryo heads out to the dojo, where he is sidetracked by looking at a tree. The light-headedness returns.

More touching father/son bonding. Lots of touching.

Ryo awakes distraught and runs into the dojo in a vain attempt to escape the visions, only to succumb to them again.

Ryo was a goddamned prodigy.

Oh, well now we know where he got it from.

This parental lecture suddenly takes a turn for the morbid.
"Hey Ryo, you shouldn't fight with friends and YOU ARE GOING TO WITNESS MY DEATH."

Iwao really had a hard-on for friends. What could this mean? We will return when Ryo regains consciousness.

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