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Part 21: Charlie's Private Time

Charlie realizes he forgot to put up his "do not disturb" sign and attempts to hide his shame.

Charlie's one of the few people smart enough to try a bladed weapon (or any weapon). Most weapons in QTEs mean a one-hit-KO for Ryo.

Ryo sees that weak sauce coming from a mile away.

Not the same as Lan Di's, that is.

So Ryo goes back to inquisition mode.

Charlie gets told.

The arcade's quite the popular ambush site. I mean meeting place.

Because that's worth a lot.

I'm not sure what this threat entails.

Outside, Nozomi is lying in wait.

So apparently Ryo has been skipping school?

Ryo tries to change the subject.

Friend? More like network of spies! Seriously, nobody saw me come down here.

C'mon, blowing off school for vengeance is a better excuse than most.

Oh for god's sake. , Ryo.

ProTip: Asian universities have hard-as-hell entrance exams. Apparently (from what I hear), once you get in it's relatively easy.

Ryo really doesn't like talking about himself.

This is some sizzling action.

NEXT UPDATE: Remember That Letter?