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Part 24: Translating the Letter (nothing remotely witty here)

December 7th, 1986

Ryo would be great at poker.

"Yeah, screw you. Hey, could you do me a favor?" I don't think there's a good chance of that.

Like worry about what to do if someone pays for a meal with a large bill.

The slightest hint of spite resides in his voice.

Hey, look. A soda machine.

That's good stuff.

Ryo seeks out his next Chinese acquaintance...

Soccer ball kid.

Ryo: I'm looking for someone who can read a letter written in Chinese.
Gao Wen: My grandmother can.
Ryo: Your grandmother?
Gao Wen: Her name is Xia Xiu Yu. She's real nice.
Ryo: Where is she?
Gao Wen: At the shop.
Ryo: Shop? What shop?
Gao Wen: She sells dishes and stuff. Umm... It's called Russiya.
Ryo: You mean Russiya China Shop, right?
Gao Wen: The roof is red...
Ryo: I'll go see her. Thanks.

The roof is red? The place's roof isn't even red. We'll find it without your lies.

A very long conversation follows which I am too lazy to comment on.

Whoo, our first real lead!

NEXT UPDATE: Father's Heaven