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Part 26: Of Warehouses

December 7th, 1986

Ryo heads out to find more information about this Warehouse No. 8.

There is no reason behind this change of heart.

Ryo gives in to his unmotivated holdout.

Is repeating stuff a Japanese thing or something?

Look up the address from the phone number. Why didn't Ryo think of that? Oh yeah, no common sense. Nozomi wins again.

Let's not get too big headed.

Truly the best course of action is a hasty retreat.

Ryo heads home to look up his phone book. Whoops, wrong cabinet drawer. Oh well, Ryo picks up a flashlight for his troubles.

Ryo sets out to find out where Amihama is and how to get there.

A darkened dead-end back alley must hold the answers.

It's the black jackets again.

Ryo in no way instigated this. The dark alley simply required traversing. And walking away is something only CHICKENS do.

Ryo finally tries to leave, but it's too late. Two no-name thugs have apparently joined the gang.

Clever, guys.


Same routine as all the other encounters. Unless I forgot something, I think this one finally sticks.

Unfortunately the encounter took up the rest of the night, so further investigation into Amihama will have to wait until tomorrow.

NEXT UPDATE: Ghost Ride the Bus