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Part 27: Ghost Ride the Bus

December 8th, 1986

Ryo consults Tom, the Rockin' Rastafarian Hot Dog Retailer.

You'd think Ryo would know how to get around in the country where he's lived his entire life.

The bus ride is a one-way ¥160 affair, making a round trip well over half your daily allowance.

Ryo takes a trip to the edge of memory. By that I mean,

We've completed the first disc of Shenmue!

Well, enough of that fanfare.

Ryo arrives at the harbor.

He runs in to some trouble immediately.

Double negative! He has more!

Ryo feels like getting involved for some reason.

Meet Goro, the local harbor bully.

WAY. Uncool. It's the eighties!

What's with all the thugs saying "eh"?

It's Enoki's former lackey, Nagashima. Apparently he has a thing for hanging with weakass bullies.

Goro gets side-stepped.

Nagashima tries to attack Ryo...

... but gets tripped up. Hah, hah.

Goro has a tendency of...

... flipping out. Aheh heh. The flip's not enough, Ryo kicks 'em when they're down.

Ryo's information seeking order: beatings first, questions after.

Ryo takes a detour and finds Tom here. Didn't we just ask him about the bus stop back in Dobuita? What a sneaky guy.

Looks like Warehouse No. 8.

Ryo is stopped from entering.


The guards don't play along.

Ryo heads off to see the rest of the harbor while thinking of a more subtle way of getting in Warehouse 8...

... and runs into a bum getting thrown out.

Panhandling already.

You have a choice to buy him the coffee, but there's plenty of motivation to do so.

Old guy's kinda creepy.

In his dilly-dallying, Ryo loses track of time. The warehouse is closed! Defeated, Ryo returns home.

When suddenly, the phone rings!

Ryo answers. Who could this mystery caller be? Master Chen? Charlie? Lan Di? Iwao's ghost? Find out next time on: Let's Play Shenmue!