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Part 28: Blind Date

December 8th, 1986

We last left our intrepid hero as he was answering a mysterious phone call.

Oh, it's just Nozomi.

Ooh, interesting!

Behold replaced subtitles. All the frames when Ryo was saying this were blurry at hell. Also: Ryo is a dick.

Much too busy going to sleep. Man, I couldn't be a bigger asshole than Ryo if I tried.

Talk talk talk...

Eh, take this as you will. Still distraught, obsessed with vengeance, gay, etc.

Not really a lie, but...

Nozomi departs, leaving Ryo only with the blackness of his own soul.

December 9th, 1986

The next day as Ryo enters the harbor he is greeted with an unexpected welcome.

Goro has some magical change of heart and is your bestest buddy from now on. No, seriously.

Ryo has friends only for personal gain.

After a short discussion (which is not shown), Ryo and Goro put their plan in to action.

A diversion!

Truly this is subtlety at its finest.

Ryo slips in to Warehouse 8. What will he find in these depths?

NEXT UPDATE: Warehouse Scouring