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Part 30: Friendly Interruption

December 9th, 1986

Since there's still a bit of time before the guard change and Ryo has never embarked on a sneaking mission before, he decides to head back to Dobuita to see if he can't pick up some liquid courage.

The bus broke down and it took past 10 to get to town. That or I forgot to pause the game while I had dinner.

This woman has the most sultry voice ever.

Aww, Fuku has a crush.

But she's not interested. I suppose Fuku will be crushed. Damn it, I hate puns.

Naoyuki... oh yeah, that guy who wasn't at home the one time Ryo tried to call him.

Fuku never misses a chance to meet Ryo at the door.

Ichiro? Who is this Ichiro character? I'll tell you who - inconsequential.

Oh, here it comes.

What's to say?

The ice cold reply, of course.

Fuku goes to his room to eat chocolate and weep.

That's quite a fluffy yellow jacket.

What kind of welcome is that. Asshole.

Ryo denies everything.

That nosy bastard.

"Cool" of course means tracking down Chinese mafia members, visiting sailor "drinking holes", and beating up delinquent schoolgirls.

Great old friends that didn't come to spend time with someone whose dad had just been murdered.

Ryo is the coolest liar in the universe.

Yes, your 30 second psyche evaluation is most valid.

Later in the game the three combine their powers to unite into a pheonix saiyan to get Ryo out of trouble. Fuku, of course, is not allowed to participate.

Haha, right.

Seriously, lay off the yellow and the poofy.

This ends the day. Ryo still has to sneak in to the Old Warehouse District, but can't do it until the evening. So basically we've got a full day ahead of us to burn.

The first two options to get five votes will win. Please list the number in your post because I'm a lazy ass.
1) Tomato Mart raffle.
3) Play some slots.
4) Make phone calls.
5) Stroll around town looking for interesting characters.
6) Skip ahead in time (practice)
7) Other (post your choice)

Feeding the kitty is now automatic. Also, my apologies for the slow updates. Unfortunately you can thank a combination of school starting to pick up and playing WoW with some goons for this, and I can't really see it changing much. I'll try and keep to an update every two days (3-4 per week) as well as I can, except for on midterm weeks in which case one or two updates might go missing.

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