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Part 31: Time Wasting, Episode 4

December 10th, 1986

Makin' phone calls.

Nozomi first.

Fortune teller, huh? Bet they work like every fortune teller in every game ever. They actually do know what you're doing/what you're looking for, but will only provide cryptic hints.

Yeah, screw that. The only use for the fortune teller is finding the lucky slot machine.

An incredible boring and uninspired conversation has just occured. Much like this update. Lab assignments!

Let's try that Naoyuki guy again.

I don't think this guy is ever at home.

Yeah right. Never calling that prick again.

Sonic capsule toys. Sonic was around in the 80s guys, he just was so fast he skipped time so no one remembered.

The Virtua Fighter machine jips Ryo with a ball. Lame.

Ryo feeds the kitty and enters a time warp to skip the rest of the day.

NEXT UPDATE: This Is A Sneaking Mission