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Part 32: This Is A Sneaking Mission

December 10th, 1986

Ryo approaches the Old Warehouse District.

The attentive security guard prevents all intrusions.

The phone rings, causing Ryo to jump and slam his head against the ledge.

What's this? A precariously placed flashlight? Recipe for disaster!

It falls and clatters. Although Ryo ends up making more noise than the flashlight.

Yes, I always hear "Wuh oh!" and "Whoops!" followed by thudding feet drifting in the wind.

December 11th, 1986

Ryo returns the next night. He takes the same path. What are the chances of that happening again?

Pretty good, apparently. Somehow Ryo isn't ready for it and still whangs his head.

But this time he catches the flashlight.

The guard isn't even on the phone anymore. Is someone trying to sabotage Ryo by calling and making him hit his head? Nope.

Inside, Ryo checks out his surroundings.

Ryo gets set to be super stealthy. Nary a whisper of his presence will be noticed.

Hm, maybe this stealth stuff is harder than it looks.

Ryo gets tossed out and the guards come up with an ingenious idea, closing the gate.

December 12th, 1986
For some reason, though, they leave it open the next night.

But that doesn't help Ryo.

December 13th, 1986

And again.

December 14th, 1986

I didn't do anything! The kid just wanted to wrestle!

Oh, it's just the bum. Nobody will believe him.

Whatever that means.

I... I feel so loved. With this at my side there is no way I can fail! I shall be as invisible and silent as the wind!

Oh, right. The wind goes "Wuh oh!".

December 15th, 1986

Another day, another failure.

December 16th, 1986

The bum returns.

Ah ha! Now, by just applying this map I can surely avoid the guards!

Or not.

December 17th, 1986


December 18th, 1986

The bum gives Ryo yet another tip. Will this be enough?


December 19th, 1986

By now we know these are completely empty threats.

December 20th, 1986
Yet another attempt.

Ryo finally makes it to Warehouse 8. He promptly begins examining expensive china.

He throws it down in spite. Actually, the lights came on and Ryo, being the ninja he is, started and dropped the plate.

Suited man attacks!

A new voice enters.

An old tubby guy? What a letdown.

About 10 days ago, yeah.

Thanks for the tip.

Chi You Men! Chi You is a mythical Chinese war god or something. The "Men" part, well, apparently they weren't feeling creative when they were naming their gang.

What the- screw off, jerk!

Ryo's only been here for a minute and he's already making close friends.


... In it... could be?

If you'd just answered me the first time I called, we could have saved 10 days!

NEXT UPDATE: A Return to Fetch Questing