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Part 34: Antiquities

December 20th, 1986

Ryo enters the Bunkado Antique shop, where he had already bought out the entire selection of move scrolls.

A clock goes off, and Ryo is startled. Let's see, we've had a phone call that made Ryo slam his head and a light switch on that made Ryo drop an expensive piece of china. I'm surprised he didn't stumble around and destroy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Um, no. This has nothing to do with anything, stop telling me about it.

Oh, now you actually look at me.

Are you saying my father was a terrible thing? You bastard!

Could it be the Phoenix Mirror?

He was keeping it in an alternate dimension, apparently, because he pulls it out of nowhere.

Bah, that's no mirror. Well, not that the Dragon Mirror looked like any mirror.

No, the "he" was referring to the other guy in the conversation. Oh wait there was nobody else being talked about. You idiot, Ryo.

First I've heard of this.

A regular Sherlock Holmes.

Now what could this be for?

Even the old man is a Solid Snake fan.


Going to have to find that mirror somewhere else.

Ryo stops to ask a quick question.

I'm asking you, aren't I? So I probably think so. Gaw.

Hey, he knows about it! Don't know where Ryo got the impression that he would.

Interesting. Pointless, but interesting.

On the way back home, someone stalks Ryo.

Who is this assailant?

Oh, it's just Gui Zhang. Apparently, to Ryo, anyone following him is obviously one of Lan Di's lackeys.

Whoa! That was not a friendly response. Because accusing him of working for Lan Di was a polite greeting.

Brawl time.


Bodyguard what?

Ryo shares the feeling.

How noble of you.

What's the deal with the mirrors?

Who would suspect what?

The camera zooms out and WHOA WHAT IS THAT THING

Meet Gollum, I mean, "creepy dirty-eared skinhead" as we will call him for now, since we don't know his name.

Creepy dirty-eared skinhead leaves the scene. Way to give up the secret, Gui Zhang.

NEXT UPDATE: In-House Investigations