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Part 35: In-House Investigations

December 20th, 1986

Ryo brings the piece back home and shows it to Fuku. Why, I don't really know.

Fuku can tell what it is, at least.

I suppose the redirection is not entirely useless.

Ryo finds Ine-san in the altar room.

She also can tell what it is at first glance.



Ryo stares at the handguard a bit before heading out to search for clues.

Inside his father's room, Ryo finds a box in the desk drawer.

It contains a key.

It is quite mysterious.

After scouring the rest of the house to no avail, Ryo checks out the dojo.

If you say so, Ryo.

Short little Ryo.

This is remedied by an invention known as the stool, which conveniently happened to be sitting in a corner of the room.

Something lies behind the scroll.

It is a mysterious scroll!

A small box lies in the opposite corner. The Mysterious Key is used to open it.

Inside is a sword! Is it mysterious? Also, Ryo never finishes this thought.

The scrolls on the wall must be investigated. And for good reason. looks familiar.

To be mysterious, obviously.

Whoa. It locks in.

Behind the other scroll is a slot.

Ryo does the logical thing and inserts the sword into the mysterious hole in the wall.

Something clicks, and Ryo gives the wall a push.

It opens, revealing a pathway to mysteries below.

What secrets does this... secret... basement hold?

NEXT UPDATE: What Lies Beneath