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Part 37: Stone Mirrors

December 21st, 1986

Time to call up Master Chen and arrange a meeting. Let's see if this goes better than the last call now that they know you.

Password again.

Come to think of it, why does the guy spew their location before even finding out who the caller is? His only job is apparently to sit at the phone and screen calls, at least he could be better at it.

Whoo, it worked.

Gui Zhang comes to the phone.

Ryo heads off. Along the way he decides to show off his new collectible.

Yamagishi: Oh, Ryo.
Ryo: Is this a good time?
Yamagishi: What's on your mind?
Ryo: I want to show you something.
Yamagishi: What is it?
Ryo: Umm... This.
Yamagishi: What an unusual stone mirror.
Ryo: Apparently, it is called the Phoenix Mirror.
Yamagishi: I see... there is a Phoenix carved into it.
Ryo: Is there anything special about this mirror?
Yamagishi: Hmm... well, the Phoenix is a sacred bird of legend. But this has an ominous feel...
Ryo: Ominous?
Yamagishi: In China there are many treasures that contain both good and bad fortune. This is called "The Secret of Yin and Yang".
Ryo: "The Secret of Yin and Yang"?
Yamagishi: You'd best be careful. This may have something to do with your father's unfortunate death. I don't know if this information helps, but that's all I can tell you.
Ryo: I see. Thank you very much.

Ryo:: I could really use your expertise again.
Keizo: Of course, provided it's something I'm familiar with... Is it about the sword handguard from the other day?
Ryo:: No, it's about this.
Keizo: What a marvelous stone Phoenix Mirror. Stone mirrors were produced in China during ancient times. This is an exceptional piece.
Ryo:: Is there anything unusual about this one?
Keizo: Indeed there is. I think perhaps this type of precious stone is only found in the Guilin region.
Ryo:: Precious stone?
Keizo: According to a book I once read, long ago an emperor ordered a sculptor from Guilin to engrave a guardian onto a stone mirror.
Ryo:: Guardian?
Keizo: The Phoenix on this mirror is a guardian.
Ryo:: Is there any connection between the Phoenix and the stone from Guilin?
Keizo: Well... I really can't speculate but... considering the legend associated with this mirror, undoubtedly there is a connection?
Ryo:: I see... well then, thank you very much for your help.

Ryo: Thanks for your help the other day. But... can I ask for your help with one more thing?
Xiu Yu Xia: What is it?
Ryo:: It's about this mirror. Can you tell me anything about it?
Xiu Yu Xia: This is a very unusual mirror.
Ryo:: It's called the Phoenix Mirror.
Xiu Yu Xia: In China, the Phoenix is the legendary bird of fortune. It's a guardian for the Sky Lord.
Ryo:: Guardian...?
Xiu Yu Xia: The other guardian is the Dragon.
Ryo:: A Dragon?
Xiu Yu Xia: In China, people consider the North Star to be the lord of the sky.

Something more interesting than talking heads occurs.

Xiu Yu Xia: The Big Dipper revolves around the immoval North Star. In China, the North Star is highly respected. For ages and ages, people have worshiped it. In China there are numerous fascinating legends about the stars.
Ryo:: I see. Thank you very much.

Hey, aren't you that punk that tried to sneak in here for 10 straight nights?

I gots an invitation this time.

Ha, no more being grabbed by the collar and thrown out of places no more!

It's first class from here on out for Ryo.

Master Chen checks it out.

Be prepared for more mystery.

I never knew whether this was to be taken literally or figuratively.

Is that so?


Creepy dirty-eared skinhead leaps onto the scene.

He dives right on top of Ryo, who fails to react at all.

And leaps away just as quickly.

He scampers off like a dog taking a steak while Ryo and company stand around watching.

Gui Zhang finally takes some action.

Meanwhile, creepy dirty-eared skinhead stops on a randomly placed crane to gloat for a moment.

Ryo still stands around quite impotently.

Master Chen has an idea.

That button?

Which button?

Ryo throws himself at the panel. Hopefully something somewhere got pushed.

It did. The crane begins to move.

If you squint, you can see the Phoenix Mirror falling.

Ryo quickly scoops it up.

Crazy guy makes a hasty exit after blowing a totally sweet entrance.

I find Lan Di asking lowly harbor thugs for directions to be an amusing image.


Too bad Ryo didn't hear that part.

Real subtle there, Ryo.

Did you really need to ask?

Oh, I see. It was bait.

Ryo doesn't take kindly to it.

Master Chen gets ignored.

Ryo, didn't your father teach you it's rude to point?

Master Chen offers a piece of advice that will not be easily forgotten.

Ryo is left to smolder in disappointment.