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Part 38: Fuk u Fuku

I completely forgot to mention in the last update, during that part with the stars, that girl from the prologue totally showed up. Welp, that's it.

December 22nd, 1986

Ryo heads home and discusses the situation with Fuku. As you can see, not much happens.

Ryo spends the rest of the day pouting and goes to sleep.

Where he dreams of a... bird.

Giant translucent mirror!

The birdie flies past the gigantic Phoenix Mirror.

Then the Dragon Mirror.

Then he wakes up and checks his bank account.

Quite a professional looking statement.

Only 36,512k Yen in Ryo's account. That's roughly $340 bucks. Kind of sad.

No kidding?

I have no idea why Ryo would come to this conclusion.

Amazingly, Fuku knows something.

Fuku gets nosey.

That's what I said.

Ryo makes his first of two fatal mistakes.

Ryo says nothing and allows Fuku to follow. His second mistake.

Okay, here goes.

Ine-san seems skeptical.

Yes... vacation. That'll do nicely.

Fuku butts in. Why? Only his broken brain knows. The conversation was going perfectly well.

Ryo attempts damage control, but it is too late. Fuku's brain and tongue have combined to form an unstoppable machine of stupidity.

Wow. Just, wow.

Seriously. What kind of stupid do you have to be to think this would be way to persuade her?

Even Ryo finally shares our anger with Fuku.

This bridge has been burned.


Oh. God. You. Moron.


If only Ryo had realized this before.

NEXT UPDATE: Lost & Found