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Part 39: Lost & Found

December 23rd, 1986

Ryo stops by to check on the kittay.


No idea where Ryo was going with that thought.

Ever the boy scout, Ryo helps out.

After looking around for a bit, some mewing becomes audible. It's not like there are any other cats around here. Actually, you can see plenty while walking around.



No, I just was walking around and decided to talk to this cat.

No, she's not sitting right in front of you.

Aww, ain't that so cute?

Ryo has no problem taking the credit.

Short encounter. Where were we? Oh yes, onward to finding a way to Hong Kong!

Ryo gets sidetracked.

But has the discipline to not waste money. (You aren't allowed to spend any money at this point in the game.)

What's this? Ryo actually showing interest in Nozomi's life? Impossible!

Well, that's the end of that.

Remember that travel agency Tom pointed us to earlier in the game, which was subsequently ignored? Yeah, time to check that place out.

Long conversation ensues.

Holy crap. What is that, two thousand bucks?

That is one expensive plane ticket. It's not like Hong Kong is even that far of a flight.

Yeah, maybe after Ryo wins the lottery.

Don't tell me you already forgot what happened last time, Ryo!

Ryo does so, nevertheless.

The way Fuku says this reminds me of that woman in Office Space.

What, indeed.

A piggy bank. You are 25. You keep your life savings in a piggy bank?

Ryo says this more in a reprimanding tone, than one of surprise.

Don't hesitate is part of Fuku's life motto. The other part is "Don't think, it hurts".

Unlike Fuku, Ryo thinks about the consequences of his actions.

Here we go.

Insert breaking here. I forgot to get a screencap, but the game doesn't show much anyways. Guess the Dreamcast couldn't handle breaking objects.

Fuku starts counting.

In a matter of seconds he has an exact number. Good grief, he's like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman.

But Ryo'll take it anyways.

Cash, sweet cash.

An idea?

Wow. Is Fuku actually being useful today?