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Part 4: Pussy Adventures

Yamanose is a small residential area where the Hazuki Residence lies.

Ryo heads on down...

...and notices an adolescent male performing a ceremonial mating dance.

Damn, kid, work on your subtlety a bit.

Ryo scurries away and finds something interesting at the local shrine.

Her name's Megumi.

What's more interesting is what's in the box.

"The day that it rained", also referred to as "THAT day", is the day that Iwao was murdered.

Aww, kitty.

Black you say?

It's the only black car in all of Yokosuka. I hear it devours babies.

Megumi, being but a child, loses interest in the subject and denies Ryo any more information.

That would depend on whether you were smart enough to feed her.

Ryo notices some food left as offering at the shrine.

Okay, I'm not an expert on Japanese culture, but dried fish and fried tofu seem like really crappy offerings.

My friends, we stand at a crossroad. The decision made here may impact the very fate of the world. The only question left now is, what do you choose?

First to 5 votes wins!
1) Dried Fish
2) Fried Tofu

NEXT UPDATE: The Consequences