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Part 40: Ticketed

December 23rd, 1986

Ryo takes Fuku's advice and goes to ask Nozomi for traveling advice. There's not much to comment on in this conversation.

Nozomi: Ryo... what is it?
Ryo: When you go to Canada, do you always fly?
Nozomi: Yeah, usually... Why do you wanna know?
Ryo: I'm looking for a cheap way to travel overseas.
Nozomi: You're going overseas?
Ryo: Yeah. You know, I can only afford about 70,000 Yen.
Nozomi: 70,000? To where?
Ryo: I'm trying to go to Hong Kong.
Nozomi: For a trip to Hong Kong? I doubt that's possible.
Ryo: But I only need to get there.
Nozomi: Oh, well then, how about going by boat?
Ryo: By boat...
Nozomi: Whenever Grandma goes to Canada with us, we gotta travel by boat.
Ryo: Really? Why?
Nozomi: Yeah, 'cause she hates airplanes... Oh, but that's a secret, OK?
Ryo: Yeah.
Nozomi: You might be able to find a boat ticket for a fairly cheap price.
Ryo: Yeah, maybe. Thanks.

Nozomi gives Ryo some new useful information, as well as a strange anecdote.

Well, back to the travel agency.

No boats? What a lame travel agency.

Pressure techniques!

He seems reluctant.

Ryo has no choice but to check it out.

Upon entering the Asia Travel Co., Ryo is immediately assisted by a friendly and courteous clerk.

This looks promising.

*Prod, prod*

Well lookie here, right in our price range!

Ryo shares this excitement.

Ryo does so.

The clerk eyes the money. This bodes well.

This just keeps getting better and better.

Ryo fails to realize that that is past closing time. Until it's too late.

He returns home to be pestered by Fuku.

Or: "Thanks to you, I am not going by plane."

Change that "help" into "atone for my stupidity" and you've got it.

Oh, what are you thinking, Ryo?

An excellent question.

Owe... what?

Bleh. Time for sleep.

NEXT UPDATE: Christmas Eve Atonements