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Part 43: Christmas Day

December 24th, 1986

Before going to sleep, Ryo tries to give Nozomi a Christmas call.

Unfortunately, she's not there.

So Ryo hits the hay.

And dreams of that girl again.

Melancholy music, drifting camera, fading out, etc.

December 25th, 1986

Ryo wakes to the sound of ringing phone.

Uh oh, Fuku better not screw this up.

Before any damage is done, Ryo snatches the phone.

Jimmy says this in such a sultry and creepy voice.

Hmm, the YOU Arcade. Seems like a perfectly normal place to pick up a boat ticket. Yep, nothing suspicious here.

Fuku is ever nosey.

Ryo leaves Fuku to worry about his safety.

Ryo shows up at the arcade, but no one is there!


Ryo gets thrown around.

Creepy skinhead guy moves fast.

Hey, what do you think you're doing with that ticket?


BAD skinhead!

Ryo is understandibly pissed off. That's 69,000 yen Mr. Crazy just ate.

Okay... he sent Iwao a letter. That's about all Ryo knows.

Ryo, he said he knew Lan Di four lines ago. Pay attention.

That shouldn't be hard.


Here's just a little indicator of how the fight goes.

Ryo emerges victorious!

And kicks the skinhead again for good measure.

But he gets back up.

And takes off.

Ryo turns his attention to...

The arcade manager tied up in the corner. He utters one line.

That's all Ryo needed to hear.

Ryo checks in with Nozomi for an update.

Time to head on over.

Ryo bangs on the door.

Jimmy opens it.

You know, you'd think he could've used the window or maybe just opened the door a crack if he wanted to see who was there.

Instead he gets grabbed by Ryo.

Jimmy manages to shove Ryo off for a second and takes off down the street.

Ryo gives chase. A chase QTE occurs. I think this is the first in the game.


In it, Ryo uses the most excessive motion ever to pass by two people.

Jimmy runs into a car as he tries to escape. That's like a one in a billion chance, because there's never any cars on the streets of Dobuita. Plus that's a dead end it's coming out of.

Ryo catches up.

And gets down to business.

When Ryo wants to be badass, he can pull it off.

The camera zooms out.

And the disc ends, with Ryo's hand on Jimmy's neck.

Two down, the most action-packed one to go!


Ambushed in the Arcade: Video

ALTERNATE ENDING - Losing to Chai: Video - Ryo goes home to rest and loses the rest of the day if you lose to Chai.

NEXT UPDATE: Help From Your "Bro"