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Part 44: Help From Your "Bro"

December 25th, 1986

Ryo drags Jimmy out of the street, back to the Asia Travel Co. office.

Ryo is very angry in this scene.

I told you he was mad.

Ryo finally gives up on the ticket, and decides to go after his crazy assailant.

See, if Ryo wasn't pissed off, after hearing "Mad Angels" he would've walked off to ask someone else about them.

Ryo finally decides he's gotten enough out of Jimmy.

On the way out Nozomi inquires as to what's going on.

Ryo tries to play dumb.

Speaking mainly in monotone is useful when you're lying.

Ryo either makes a hasty promise or just brushed it aside completely. What a dick. Although I suppose after being jipped out of his Hong Kong ticket, attacked, and chasing down and interrogating a thug, Ryo's not in the mood for conversation.

Fuku's still disappointed he didn't get his time in the limelight.

Yeah, when the actions are worthless.

Ryo gets some sleep.

And dreams of the girl and that bird again.

Who could she be? Eh, you'll find out later.

December 26th, 1986

Ryo rises bright and blurry, I mean early, to begin his job search at the harbor.

He kind of wanders around to find someone to ask.

Hey, it's that bum we bought coffee for earlier.

Ryo decides to ask him about finding work.

Which is obviously not the best idea.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Ryo, ever polite to his elders.

In trying to find these so-called offices, Ryo runs across Goro. Who happens to have the best character theme song ever composed.

Ryo is not so enthusiastic about the meeting.

Ryo decides to ask him about employment.

After quite a bit of talk and prodding, Goro finally agrees.

Well, I guess that's that.

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