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Part 47: Asking About Angry Angels

December 27th, 1986

Leaving the office, Ryo is caught by Mark.

Ryo is a bit suspicious.

Could it be a hazing ritual? Or maybe Mark's one of the Mad Angels (ha, ha) and setting up an ambush.

Anyways, time to start asking around. Hey, it's the weenie we saved from Goro way back.

This is not entirely helpful.


He adds something.

This guy's a perceptive one. Trash, of course.

Ryo goes to ask Tom.

Blah blah warnings.

Homeless people? Do we know any of those?

TWO euphemisms? Is that not a bit excessive, Tom?

Honey-san. Yes, apparently that's her name.

The following is a pointless story.

Talk about boring. I was hoping for Tom breaking out some reggae justice or something.

Time to pester Goro.

Oh, really?

Ryo, didn't you hear what he just said?

Okay, now Ryo's just doing it out of spite.

I guess Ryo's had enough amusement at Goro's expense, so he stops.

Elsewhere, Ryo finds that hobo being chased around. Can't say I saw this coming.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Ryo intervenes.

Isn't that a popular word these days?



But apparently they don't.

This is a regular race, you dumbasses.

Oh it's a QTE!

Okay, so it's a race where you attack the other person. Road Rash.

"Waaah," Ryo whined as he swerved to avoid the attack.

Ryo avoids the box.

And another half-assed attack.

Biker guy is too preoccupied with attacking Ryo and doesn't notice the end of the road coming up.

The consequences are, well, dire.

Neither will Ryo. He'll remember these motorcycle attacking techniques and master them for future use.

BONUS CONTENT: Bear witness to the least enthusiastic black man in the universe.


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