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by MrXmas

Part 49: Lunch Break & The Afternoon Shift

December 28th, 1986

Nothing else happened this lunch break.

Submitted for your pleasure: hot hot forklifting action.


Uh oh! What happened? Why'd the screen black out?

A cutscene! Yaaay!

Three men approach Ryo as he gasps in disbelief.

The men wish for Ryo to pay for... "services". IF you know what I mean.

No, I don't, but I can tell what you had for dinner last night, Tubby.

Ryo, always playing dumb. Yes... "playing".

Yeah, like Ryo's afraid of a few losers.

Ryo slaps the hand out of his face. It's on.

Two fights in one day? This section of the game is looking promising.


The end result is your standard fare.

They take off wailing like a 5th grade bully who just got beat for the first time.

Ryo just stands and watches them go off.

Well, that was the last crate Ryo was delivering. There's not much to do until the shift ends.

Guess we could fix up the crates a little, they were a bit crooked.

Doo doo doo... Don't ask me why the shadows inside of the warehouse are shifting.

Finally, the siren wails, ending the work day and relieving Ryo of his growing ass cramp.

Time to collect the dough.

Previous money was 15546 yen.

And that's that.

NEXT UPDATE: Hanging Out Around the Harbor