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Part 5: The Consequences

The Inca Kitty is pleased with your success. He would also like you to bring him some Salami.

Ryo starts bonding with the kitty.

The power of kitty eating prompts Megumi to be useful.

You'll find that Ryo repeats things. A lot.

Better go find Yamagashi.

Just what I wanted to know.

Before leaving, Ryo gives Megumi a friendly public service announcement.

Ryo is interrupted on the way to Yamagishi's house.

Have you heard of glasses? They're this fantastic invention from the 13th century.

Ryo does the respectful thing.

...Or is it just a ploy to get her out of his face?

Voting time again!

First to 5!
1) Help the lady.
2) Leave her to die in the park.

NEXT UPDATE: Have Some Respect! OR Have Some Prunes!