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Part 50: Hanging Out Around the Harbor, Half-Assed Edition

Well, this is the kind of update you get when I squeeze it out after finishing a midterm and a lab back-to-back. I had the video of this already taken, so all I did was hit print screen a few times. The effort put in to this was minimal. Just a warning.

December 28th, 1986

People keep lying in wait for Ryo as he comes out of the office. First Mark, now Goro.

Well, I guess I'll be avoiding puddles from now on.

Ryo gets straight to the point, at usual.

Goro is conveniently struck by the call of nature.

By now Ryo has learned to just accept all of Goro's behavior as normal.

Whoops. I don't feel like going back to recap this.

I could swear we had this conversation before.

Well, that's new information.

Ryo is shocked. SHOCKED.

Goro strolls off nonchalantly.

I don't even know what the point of this scene was.

NEXT UPDATE: Hanging Out Around the Harbor, the rest of it