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Part 54: Beating Crasher

December 29th, 1986

Today's paycheck.

Ryo checks in with the bum.

If by training you mean actually fighting.

Hard, you say? Let's see this.

That's... it? So after sliding behind them you just hit their neck. The hard part's the whole sliding thing; once you get behind someone hitting their neck is no problem. You crazy old guy.

This means hit X after the throw input. RIGHT AFTER the throw input. If you wait to try and confirm the Shadow Step worked first, the X will be too late.

No chance to practice and master it this time for some reason. I guess the old man doesn't want his neck chopped.

Well, the sailor said the Mad Angels hang out behind Warehouse 17. Let's go check it out and see what's up.

Oh my!

That's not cool, guys.

Time to step into the fray.

Let's see about that.


No, he's not contemplating what to say. That's supposed to be a groan.

The screen fades out to imply a time lapse!

During it, Ryo and Mark apparently have a little heart-to-heart. We get in close to the end of it.

Man, that sucks. Seriously. I don't have much else to say.



Wait, so Mark doesn't even know if his brother's actually dead? Mark works right here, close enough to know that his brother might've been killed, but he doesn't have a method of contacting him?

Once Ryo hears what he wants, he promptly forgets about Mark and his brother and heads on home.

NEXT UPDATE: Work, Day 3 & An Unexpected Visit