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Part 55: Work, Day 3 & An Unexpected Visit

December 30th, 1986

Okay, I'm just going to assume nobody really cares about pictures of forklift racing or crate moving anymore. I'll try and get a video of the next race, but after that, I'm just going to say that Ryo moved crates.

So, yeah. Moving them crates.

At lunch break, Ryo hears a familiar grating voice.

It's Eri, come along for a surprise visit! How'd she even find out Ryo was working here? Lord knows he didn't tell her. Oh, and she brought Nozomi along for some reason.


Eri takes a shot.

Real lovely photo face Ryo's got.

Oh, NOW he smiles. AFTER the picture's been taken. Gaw.

Ever the gentleman, Ryo takes first pick.

Remember, Nozomi gets the leftover piece. Choose!
1) Left
2) Right

To make up for this short update, the next will be of epic proportions. If you've played through the game, look at the next update title and you'll know what I'm talking about.

NEXT UPDATE: Battle of the Bikers