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Part 56: Battle of the Bikers

December 30th, 1986

Ryo takes the left photo.

And Nozomi gets the one of them closer. I guess that makes her happy.

Eri spouts some nonsense and runs off.

Nozomi breaks her news.

Yes, Ryo, this is a huge surprise. Seeing as she told you about it and got all weepy not 4 days ago.

Ryo provides the wisdom of a sage.

Like saying that last line ever again. Also, what kind of thing is this to say to someone when you're leaving the country?

How touching.

I'll stuff it in my back pocket along with the other 40 items I'm carrying.

Whispering her name while she walks off accomplishes a lot, Ryo.

I guess that's the last of Nozomi. Okay, I lied. Who knows what consequences this visit may have?

Time for some friendly coworker chat... A little too friendly, if you ask me.

This is the guy who feels safe around big strong Ryo. Um... nice question.

Okay, things just got awkward.

Ryo politely turns down the offer.

What's that?

... Are you coming on to me?

Ryo not-so-politely refuses.

Ryo stops by Goro to ask a bit more about the Mad Angels.
Ryo: Have you seen any of the Mad Angels around?
Goro: Whoa, Bro, like I said! Don't say that name out loud!
Ryo: You know, right? Tell me.
Goro: Ah, Bro... well I ain't got no choice I guess. Motorcycles. They ride around the harbor at night.
Ryo: At night, huh?
Goro: But Bro, you've got to stay away from them, you hear? They're real bad, I tell ya.
Ryo: At night? Thanks.

I think Ryo's interested that they're around at night.

End of lunch break -> finish work -> night time.

Ryo strolls around the harbor looking for some Mad Angels.

With a flash of light they descent from...

Oh, they were just sitting there on their bikes waiting for someone to come along. Hey, that guy on the left looks familiar.

It's Charlie!

Two no-name thugs try to make a joke about dogs, or something.

Are you?

Too slow! I don't know if you can see it, but there is an incredibly devious grin on Charlie's face.

The next biker takes a pass.

I don't know about you, but this looks like a pretty epic setup to me. Ryo slowly stands and turns to face the motorcycle charging at him. Also the QTE command is not a direction, which usually indicate dodges/movements, but the A button, which usually means something kick-ass is coming.

I do believe only one phrase describes this: Hell. Yeah.

Ryo spots the other two getting away. Well, that won't do.

Won't do at all. You know, before Ryo probably would've not chased them, written a little note in his pad saying "The Mad Angels attacked me again. Why don't they like me?", and just asked around for some more info. Are we seeing a new, more aggressive, Ryo?

When you've got drifting power like a magical sound shower, catching up is a passing breeze.

... Yeah, I don't really know where that came from. Feel free to berate me for not fitting Splash Wave in there somehow.

Quite a threat.

Miss me once...

Miss me twice... Okay, that's enough chances.

I bet you guys thought jump kicking people off motorcycles was the coolest thing Ryo could do. Well it's not.

Told you.

Charlie seems scared. A boring motorcycle chase occurs for a short while.


Another decision.

Charlie flees and stops after leading Ryo towards Warehouse 17.

Ryo seems really angry.

Charlie's entourage materializes out of thin air to surround Ryo.

Oh no, 5 weaklings attack, whatever will Ryo do?

Beat some heads in, that's what.


Charlie cracks!

Big shot on a big ship. Sounds big.

That seems like an odd sort of thing to just "hear". I bet you were asking for fashion tips, weren't you?

But whatever, it's our man. If Ryo moves fast he may just have a chance.

Yeah, right.


NEXT UPDATE: Work, Day 4