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Part 59: Work, Day 5

January 1st, 1987

Happy New Year! Unfortunately, Ryo won't have any time to celebrate as he's mostly work and a little play. And by play I mean getting into something with the Mad Angels, as usual.

Work as usual. Up to lunch time...

Goro and Mai drop in for a visit.

Man, that ass kicking really got through to you, huh? I think that's probably the only time something like that has ever worked in the history of media.

Oh, uh...

Ryo is a bit surprised.

Oh, well then, I guess it's okay...

Oh, wait, Ryo makes a great point.

Yeah, let's recall some of the things we've seen Goro up to... beating up people for their valuables, aiding trespassing, offering tips on public urination. That's copper or bronze at best.

Another excellent point, Ryo.

Goro doesn't even bother defending himself and scurries off. I think he just wants some of that schoolgirl action.

Meanwhile, Mark offers Ryo some... well, big news.

Tony and Smith, also known as Mr. and Mr. . I thought they were just sailors, not part of the Mad Angels.

More importantly, what the hell is it?

Well that sounds smart.

Oh are you?

Ryo doesn't have to look far, as later in the day he finds the duo along his route.

Rollin' on up in his pimp ride.

And just demanding information. It's Ryo's style.

Oh yeah, you sound real believable.

And then they run. And Ryo, of course, doesn't react until they're already several feet away.

This is where the chase goes.


That was some sweet forklift dodging action.

Well, since we chased down Mr. , that's who we get.

Hey there.

Ooh, not a good answer.

Ryo doesn't look happy.

I feel a boss fight coming soon!

Teehee, he has an ambiguous name. Oh wait, maybe it is a she.

Speaking of which, I wonder how Charlie's doing?

Well, I guess it is a guy... Wow, I just realized Mr. gave us almost no information aside from a name.

Paycheck collection.

Uh oh.

Oh, feh, suit. There's only one person here that wears a suit.

Wow, thanks for the heads up.

But, it does give Ryo an idea. Time to have a chat with Master Chen.

NEXT UPDATE: About A Friendly Competition